The current “Tea Party Movement” has been created mostly by disgruntled fringe Ultra-Conservatives, most of which are Republicans. Not surprisingly, they are responsible for a lot of inaccurate, hypocritical posturing, desperately trying to appear antithetical – totally opposed, to what Moderates and Liberals stand for.

Here’s an example of the hypocrisy in their rhetoric: Carly Fiorina, the Republican candidate running against Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, and the candidate most of the Tea Party Movement is supporting in that race for Senator in California,  is saying she is the candidate who will bring jobs back to California that were shipped overseas.  Even to Moderates and Liberals, that sounds GREAT, doesn’t it? But what you really need to know is Carly Fiorina is the former CEO of Hewlett Packard who made the decision to OUTSOURCE thirty thousand – that’s right, 30 THOUSAND jobs overseas, taking away that many jobs from Americans. Now, when she wants the Tea Party’s and Conservatives’ support, she ‘acts’ like she’s red, white and blue…and by association, so does the Tea Party Movement. The truth is, the party that has mostly, if not exclusively, supported such extreme outsourcing to benefit corporations has been the Republican party. That is why Carly Fiorina felt totally comfortable at the time, engaging in such a JOB-KILLING measure for American workers at her company. She couldn’t be more of a hypocrite.

Another example is their constant mantra about demanding less government. The truth is, contrary to what they’d have you believe,  Moderates and Liberals understand and share that concern. We know we are going to have to start decreasing massive spending and reduce our national debt in the interest of National Security. BUT, we also know from very recent bad experience, (INCLUDING the last two decades of popular corporate outsourcing trends that have shipped MILLIONS of our jobs overseas by Conservative CEO’s), that just like it is critical to limit government to prevent its possible tyranny, we need Government to keep CORPORATIONS  from becoming too large and tyrannical – We need effective government watchdog regulation in order to protect the accessibility of the “American Dream” for the common man, in order to prevent another immoral repeat of the excessive corruption on Wall Street that almost destroyed our nation’s economy and almost sent us into another Great Depression. I’d like to repeat a paragraph I wrote in my “Walmart” post here on my blog:

We overlook the following truth at our peril as Americans: Super corporations can be much more tyrannical than government. Therefore it is not anti-capitalism to suggest they be limited or ‘regulated’. Such a necessary common sense economic policy is NOT ‘socialism’, but merely PROTECTING free enterprise for all, not just for the elite… and absolutely in the spirit and critical context of all of our anti-trust legislation. Don’t forget that the Constitution was all about empowering the individual to achieve wealth through free enterprise and unrestricted commerce…it was not about empowering monopoly factions in business, and it most certainly was not about encouraging UN-AMERICAN outsourcing of jobs overseas, as Carly Fiorina and many other “Fiscal Conservatives” have eagerly done, in their Un-American SELF INTERESTS.

President George W. Bush turned a blind eye to the corrupt credit derivative swap/mortgage fraud practices by Wall Street and the major banks, and then when the ‘excrement came in contact with the air circulation device’ (poop hit the fan) his administration, NOT OBAMA’S, presided over our nation’s largest act of CORPORATE WELFARE, bailing them all out to the tune of just shy of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. That is the epitomy of hypocrisy. Yet Bush was twice elected as a respected Conservative in the Republican Party. It doesn’t get more corrupt than that, by an administration that champions what these socalled ‘Tea Partiers’ champion…that being “less government”. Even a blind person can see what their mantra of “less government” translates to as described above. Don’t forget that ‘Freedom’, even in business practices, requires moral responsibility. Asking Conservative corporations to ensure that on their own is like placing a lamb in a lion’s den at the Zoo and asking the lion to convert to being a vegetarian! Market forces unregulated by government have shown that they do not strive to make a profit “morally”, with proper respect and loyalty to their workers.

Give President Obama some time to implement the necessary changes we need in America – changes in the interest of the common man, not in the interest of super corporations and corrupt bank CEO’s. I can guarantee you this, President OBama would have been an active, welcome participant in the AUTHENTIC, original TEA PARTY during the birth of our great nation’s revolution. And I can also guarantee you that if Bush Junior was around then, and had engaged in the same kind of corruption as mentioned above, he’d have been tarred and feathered by the Tea Partiers as EXHIBIT A of the problem we were rebelling against. The truth of what it means to be a patriot is in the middle, not on the extreme fringes, one of which is reflected by not all, but a significant portion of those who self identify as present day Tea Party members.