11 07, 2017

Trump’s Repeated Lying to Cover Up Contacts with Russians, Now Including his SON, Points Directly to Collusion

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"Trump supporters love to try to say there is 'no evidence of collusion' in the face of Trump and his key top officials being caught in lie after lie in an effort to deny their contacts with Russian officials...I'm not a lawyer, but if I played one on TV, I'd feel pretty comfortable in saying that the many repeated lies to cover up meetings of his top administration and campaign staff that they had before and after his election, along with the entire world hearing Trump with our own ears during one of the debates, calling out TO RUSSIAN OFFICIALS from that debate stage on live television, ASKING them to HACK HILLARY CLINTON'S EMAILS if they could possibly do so...Well, I'd say that is some pretty solid evidence pointing to shared 'intent', or what is called in legal speak, 'A GUILTY MIND'."

8 03, 2017


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"How do honorable Americans ignore the MOUNTAIN of indications of Trump's hypocritical, unethical and corrupt character throughout his life: Huge Trump University fraud investigation, well reported and documented ties to organized crime in the building of his casino in New York and New Jersey(Google it), adamant refusal to release his taxes after promising to do so, Trump housing discrimination against Black applicants in a housing project he owned, repeating during two different interviews that if he wasn't her father, he would want to DATE his daughter Ivanka, and of course his bragging in another well known interview now, that because of his star status, he routinely gets away with grabbing women by their p*ssy with impunity, and in other documented interviews, saying that many women need to be treated 'roughly', etc, just to name but only a few...And choosing to irresponsibly and unconscionably ignore those things, how do we continue to ignore the growing second mountain of indications of his connections and collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin, and two of his top cabinet officials now caught being out and out dishonest in order to cover up their contacts with the Russian Ambassador during his campaign?"

23 02, 2017


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"ANYONE WHO IS PAYING ATTENTION...Anyone who is INTELLECTUALLY HONEST and not letting their eyes be taken off of the ball, knows the correct acronym for this monumentally hypocritical organization would now be 'PPAC, for 'PUTIN Political Action Conference!' Putin is laughing all the way to his KGB poison medicine cabinet as he has successfully pulled Trump's strings for the last 12 months or more, amazingly with no objection or outcry from the Trump 'sheep movement'...My heart goes out to Senators John McCain and Lyndsay Graham, (and possibly now we can add Senator Marco Rubio to their effort) who are trying to act as 'Paul Reveres' among the masses of seemingly hypnotized Republican Trump 'zombies' for lack of a better descriptive...But as they are mounting their respective horses, riding through the streets yelling "The RUSSIANS ARE NOT JUST COMING, THEY ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!", these hypnotized Trump sheep just DON'T CARE...They don't give a damn as long as they hear what Trump knows they want to hear from him."

8 02, 2017


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"...Yes, the Bill of Rights, UNBELIEVABLE, what a piece of Liberal work! I had no idea that the common people in America managed to get that much out of the Rockefellers! And it includes all MEXICANS, BLACKS and MUSLIMS? Are you serious? Look, everybody who’s anybody knows the only people with any “rights” in this country are members of SAG and the Hollywood Writers Guild."

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