24 02, 2015

WHAT THE HELL? Why People Believe In It

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"President OBama is grossly in error as he continues bending himself into a political pretzel by trying to argue that ISIS, Al Qaeda and other such Islamic radicals are NOT part of Islam. That is not just a laughable lie, it is a hysterical lie. These groups are first and foremost, fundamentally motivated by the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran that demand that ALL MUSLIMS help to create a world wide "caliphate", which means a world wide theocracy under Sharia Law, where the entire world's laws are to be governed by the teachings of Islam and the Koran."

3 01, 2015

The BEST New Year’s Resolution: Unconditional Forgiveness

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"The mistaken thought that most people are suffering from is ironically caused by organized religion...that being the false fear-based teaching of the Big Three religions that you are separate from what 'God' is, and that you are at your essence 'evil', requiring first a 'human or animal blood sacrifice' and certain other conditions by which God might then 'save' you from eternal damnation. Stephen King novels don't even get that sick...I think I know where Stephen King got his early inspiration for his novels as a kid...SUNDAY SCHOOL!"

23 12, 2014


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"People often ask what does the term "spiritual" mean. It means the non-physical, eternal energy and consciousness of the unseen. Einstein and Eddington, along with many more talented groundbreaking scientists over the centuries, are repeatedly helping us to see that there is clearly an unexplained, scientifically unseen "power" that is responsible for this physical world."

18 11, 2014

Holding Grievances: The Often Ignored ROOT of Organized Religion

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"I was raised on the Bible. You could say I 'cut my teeth on it'. Even as a child studying it, I quickly recognized that the Bible is a seemingly endless stream of stories of God portrayed as holding grievances. But the truth is, it was written by vengeful, bigoted men who held grievances, and who sought to control the masses through fear, by creating a religion and a God “in their image”.

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