5 07, 2017


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"There must be many honorable Republicans who right about now are doing some serious re-evaluating of their bad judgment...who right about now, if they have an ounce of good character deep down, have to be realizing they cannot continue to look the other way regarding how dangerous and embarrassing Trump's irresponsible behavior is, not only to their party, but to the nation in general...Trump's ignorant, low character "we don't care if he shoots someone in the street" base notwithstanding, it feels like it is a matter of weeks, maybe a couple months now, before this corrupt disgrace of a man will likely be forced to resign as a result of his obvious unstable and unfit mental state."

18 02, 2017

Trump’s Latest Tweet an Incitement to Violence Toward Journalists

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"Like yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, this was beyond just angry, juvenile speech as we've often heard from Trump...This is where the line gets crossed, when it comes to free speech...When you hatefully use a nationwide broadcast tool like Twitter to call journalists and reporters you don't like 'The enemy of the American People', knowing you have every racist and white nationalist organization in the country loudly and proudly supporting you for President, you can't do that and NOT KNOW you are playing with fire."

21 08, 2013


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99.9% of what you see on FB is ignorant, mind numbing, meaningless drivel, or self-serving people who say things as though they thought of it, that are ripped off and not original... and this kind of hyper-shallow content gets a lot of responses from the "Honey Boo Boo"/"Indiana Inbred Exes"/"God,Guns &Pedophiles" generation.

For instance, I saw someone the other day post the following as though it was her material, when it was probably used by the first female neanderthal standup comic  at the "Cave Comedy Night". She posted,,,

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