20 10, 2018

Trump, Putin and the Saudi’s: Corrupt “Liars Club” Beyond Belief

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"The similarities in how Trump has sought to protect such a human rights monster as Vladimir Putin after Putin has been exposed for seeking to help him get elected, echoed by the same kind of behavior we are seeing from Trump in trying to give cover to this horrendous murder of an American journalist by the Saudis...Such similarities are both glaringly obvious and staggering to Americans with an ounce of good character."

8 06, 2017

British Prime Minister: “Too Much Tolerance for Extremism”

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"FIRST AND FOREMOST, we have to stop allowing the media and dishonest Liberals to ignore the Islamic FAITH-BASED nature of these violent acts at their core, as such faith-based acts of religious war are plainly and repeatedly called for in the Muslim Koran...When you understand that truth, you can begin to grasp how those committing such 'faith based' violent acts DO NOT see themselves necessarily as terrorists. Quite the contrary, they see themselves entirely as obedient followers of Allah...fulfilling Mohammed's teaching that such acts are necessary in the 'end times', and actually demanded by Allah in order to create their worldwide Muslim 'Caliphate', bringing 'Sharia Law' by force to the entire world."

6 01, 2017


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"We can't find peace, happiness and healing for ourselves, or bring it to others, until we learn to 'think' correctly...until we learn what our true nature is, which teaches us what our purpose is. Do you spend a great deal of time asking for this kind of wisdom? The vast majority of people do not, and as a result their lives are full of pain, unhealthiness, unhappiness, selfish anger, bigotry, disregard for others' needs, discord and depression...All stemming simply from incorrect, unhealthy thinking about the nature of what they are."

11 07, 2016

We Should Keep the Flag at Half Staff Permanently

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...the media engages in predictable, greed-driven hypocrisy, only pretending to be sincerely concerned...Truth be told, the worse it continues to get, the better the ratings for them. Their sick, wall-to-wall coverage, hyping the 'grief porn' of the victims and their families, and giving the shooters the fame they were looking for only encourages many more to do the same for such "fame" and exposure to their "cause".

21 06, 2016

REQUIRED READING: Time Has Come to Stop Pretending & Conforming Like Sheep About Religion

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"People must become at least spiritually enlightened enough to understand that religion can only be seen like someone's FAVORITE COLOR...and that is IT! You're a Christian? Fine...It doesn't make you "saved" over all others. That is a man-made lie. It's only as though you like the color RED on the color spectrum. You are a Jew? Fine...It doesn't set you apart in any way as the "Chosen Ones". It's only like your favorite color is BLUE...You are a Muslim? Fine...You aren't SPECIAL over anyone else in the eyes of Allah. It is only like your favorite color is GREEN, and we are ALL a part of the 'Divine color spectrum'. That in a nutshell is how you understand true spirituality...That is how mankind must learn to see all religion...just shades of colors in the rainbow we are all a part of together...a rainbow we co-created as a part of what God is."

12 06, 2016

“Faith” at the Root of Humanity’s Division

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" 'Faith' that has even an ounce of elitism and damning of others is spiritual 'fraud'. Faith is not automatically a beautiful thing, just as "belief" is not automatically a beautiful thing. I have personally witnessed and experienced this truth first hand, growing up around the truth about Christian beliefs, and witnessing first hand how condemning, elitist and bigoted toward others I was taught to be, using the majority of scriptures in the King James Bible."

8 01, 2016


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"The horrors we are seeing all around us are meant to wake us up and help us think and create in the right direction. They are the result of our thinking and creating in the WRONG direction for way too long...We think in the wrong direction when we see our identity as number one, separate from what God is, and number two, separate from our diverse brothers and sisters. That is to say, too many of us put too much of an emphasis on being "Christian", or being "Jewish", or being "Muslim", or being "Mormons", or being "White", or "Black", or "Hispanic/Mexican"...the list of examples of divisions between ourselves goes on and on."

14 12, 2015

USE of “P-Word” Applies More to Man Using the Slur

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"Next time you hear a man call another man a 'pussy', stand up for the beautiful healing strength of women and shut him down. I had this exact experience in a police academy class I was in not long ago. My background is law enforcement, and I was going through a refresher course here in Sacramento. The instructor showed very weak character in the class when he responded to a recruit's point of view on a certain topic by saying, "C'mon, don't be a PUSSY". He absolutely wanted to compare the possible point of view of the recruit as being 'weak and effeminate like a female'. Being the only person in the room with prior experience as a police officer, I raised my hand to address the inappropriate use of such a term in an academy class. I politely explained to the instructor, for the entire class to hear, that to compare weakness and ineffectiveness to someone who has a vagina, i.e.someone who has a 'pussy', is grossly wrong, inaccurate and inappropriate."

7 12, 2015

ALIENATION: Key Element in BOTH Radical Terrorism and Non-Terrorist Mass Violence

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"The Bible teaches the EXACT same message of alienation as does the Koran, that being if you become a Christian, you will be alienated from the rest of a horribly persecuting world, but that it will be worth it for you in the afterlife, as they will all be tormented in Hell forever while you will receive your wealth in heaven for eternity, etc., etc. Organized religion CREATES an 'alienation complex' in its "believers". This is the glaring evidence of it being man-made and fraudulent. True spirituality doesn't teach alienation WHATSOEVER! True spirituality has NO element of condemnation or damnation as a result for 'non-believers'."

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