12 04, 2017

Associated Press Reports Russia KNEW IN ADVANCE About Assad’s Chemical Attack

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"We find out what should be no surprise really...Putin was complicit in the whole thing with a Russian controlled drone flying over the very hospital where most of the victims had run to for emergency life saving treatment... Said hospital was subsequently bombed by a Russian fighter only 5 hours after the Russian operated drone had flown over it. Does that make you mad? If it doesn't, you don't have an ounce of good character and you should be ashamed."

30 01, 2017

Trump Supporters: Bigotry or Bad Judgment?

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"Do you remember racist Alabama Governor George Wallace? Saying Donald Trump is more honorable than Hillary is akin to those who, in the face of all the bigotry constantly spewing out of Wallace’s mouth, tried to spin it that Wallace was in fact the “patriotic American” because he was a POPULIST GOVERNOR standing up for the “voice of the people” and for “STATE’S RIGHTS” (dog whistle talk for maintaining popular Southern prejudice such as voting restrictions and segregation that discriminated against Blacks)…And that President Lyndon B. Johnson, who so effectively shut Wallace down, was the corrupt politician."

28 08, 2013

United States: Only ADULT IN THE ROOM with Syria?

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"Vice President Biden has adamantly stated there is no doubt Syrian president Bashar Assad is responsible for using chemical weapons on his own people in the current Syrian civil war. Now Sec. of State John Kerry has echoed the same in his speech yesterday announcing that the U.S. cannot stand by without taking action. (even if such 'action' isn't as destructive as a recent California fireworks show that went awry last July 4th!)"

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