5 07, 2018

Connie Bryan’s “IG Inspector Senate Hearing” SNL Style Comedy Sketch

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"The following is Connie Bryan's unofficial transcript of part of the recent U.S. Senate hearing, questioning Inspector General Michael Horowitz about his report into whether there was bias in the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton private email investigation...While it may not be exactly 'verbatim', it reflects the overall 'gyst' of the proceedings in Connie's opinion...In traditional Saturday Night Live style, picture Connie Bryan in the role of Senator Amy Klobuchar, Will Ferrell as IG Inspector Horowitz, and Alec Baldwin as the senior Senate Hearing Moderator/Chairperson)"

8 02, 2017


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"...Yes, the Bill of Rights, UNBELIEVABLE, what a piece of Liberal work! I had no idea that the common people in America managed to get that much out of the Rockefellers! And it includes all MEXICANS, BLACKS and MUSLIMS? Are you serious? Look, everybody who’s anybody knows the only people with any “rights” in this country are members of SAG and the Hollywood Writers Guild."

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