27 07, 2019

In an Alternative Universe: Mueller’s Investigation Includes Trump and Russia’s Conspiracy to Kidnap & Kill an Obama Pardoned Turkey

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"Mueller: I can say we drew a direct correlation to the disappearance of the Obama pardoned turkey from the Washington D.C. zoo to comments made by then candidate Donald Trump during a nationally televised debate. Nadler: Would you please elaborate on those comments for the American public? Mueller: Yes...During this presidential debate in 2016, Trump specifically appealed to the Russian government, saying, "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you can get access to the Washington D.C. petting zoo after hours...They close at 8pm, 6pm on Sundays."

22 04, 2019

My Notes Re: The Mueller Report, and a Moving Anecdote from an Emotional Foreigner I Interviewed for my TV Show in Sacramento…

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"I've compiled some initial summarizing notes re: the Mueller report, with some of the most pertinent quotes from Mueller that are very damning, and detail Mueller's belief that the President's conduct was in his word's a 'corrupt abuse of the powers of the office'."

7 02, 2019


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"The shame on those Republicans responsible for creating this sh#t-show, and who are continuing to try to 'normalize' this Republican party insanity is beyond description, it is so disgusting and hypocritical. NONE of this is normal. Trump is exactly the opposite of the role models we teach our children to look up to. Last night's 'Sh#t of the Union'...I mean 'State of the Union' Address was theater of the absurd, and globally embarrassing - Like the movie "IDIOCRACY" come to life..."

31 07, 2018

AMERICA’S SHAME: Normalizing Immoral Lies and ‘White Tribalism’ at Expense of Goodness and Moral Values

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"Words almost can't be found to describe the degree of gas lighting we are witnessing. If you still aren't yet familiar with the term 'gas lighting', it's high time you were educated: It's basically someone lying so much about something to people, mainly those in their supportive base, that those supporters decide to believe those lies despite the obvious facts and truth...Despite what they can see is actually happening in front of their very eyes to the contrary. This becomes a very sick 'group think' danger to the rest of the country. The best example is Hans Christian Andersen's age old story of "The Emperor's New Clothes..."

7 07, 2018

Former FBI Asst. Director: “Trump Family Organized Crime”

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"Understand this...The fundamental foundation that makes any country "GREAT" is first and foremost the measure of the GOODNESS and BENEVOLENCE of its people! Trump's denigrating of Bush's 'thousand points of light' context in that regard is exhibit A of his and his followers' utter contempt for that truth. It is exhibit A of why they, including so many in law enforcement, chose to call him the 'law enforcement candidate', even having been made aware of his deep connections with organized crime."

2 12, 2017


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"Shame on those of you who claim to be 'Christians' and 'Catholics', while turning a blind eye to this national disgrace you have created in the name of Jesus! Dear God, save us from your followers, as the apt bumper sticker says."

25 07, 2017

‘Love & Peace’ Require Bringing Uncomfortable CORRECTION to Bear on Trump Supporters

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"This is about the lack of character and integrity fueling this national Trump disgrace.  Integrity is what 'politics' is SUPPOSED to be about. Politics is not meant to be a negative term. It is supposed to be about attracting public servants to represent American citizens within the scope of equality as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution...not within the scope of 'white privilege'...What does it mean to be an honorable American? What is that definition? It means we don't COMPROMISE that character and integrity in social settings with those who would actively SUPPORT that which is compromising that character and integrity on a daily basis! And that applies to all aspects of our social lives...Character and integrity isn't something you turn on and off to avoid 'making waves', etc."

11 07, 2017

Trump’s Repeated Lying to Cover Up Contacts with Russians, Now Including his SON, Points Directly to Collusion

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"Trump supporters love to try to say there is 'no evidence of collusion' in the face of Trump and his key top officials being caught in lie after lie in an effort to deny their contacts with Russian officials...I'm not a lawyer, but if I played one on TV, I'd feel pretty comfortable in saying that the many repeated lies to cover up meetings of his top administration and campaign staff that they had before and after his election, along with the entire world hearing Trump with our own ears during one of the debates, calling out TO RUSSIAN OFFICIALS from that debate stage on live television, ASKING them to HACK HILLARY CLINTON'S EMAILS if they could possibly do so...Well, I'd say that is some pretty solid evidence pointing to shared 'intent', or what is called in legal speak, 'A GUILTY MIND'."

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