19 05, 2019

Time for the Democratic Party to Do Some “Soul Searching” of Their Own

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"The 'SOUL' of this nation is NOT found on the 'abortion-on-demand celebrating', 'recreational drug legalizing' LEFT of Liberals, any more than it is found on the 'assault rifle celebrating', 'LGBT and Mexican immigrant hating', 'Trump evangelizing' RIGHT of Conservatives...Understand this...The 'SOUL' of this nation is found in the MORAL CENTER embraced by most Americans, the majority of whom are well aware that we have never experienced such a corrupt, racist, dishonest and criminal-minded individual as Donald Trump elected to the highest office of our land."

22 04, 2019

My Notes Re: The Mueller Report, and a Moving Anecdote from an Emotional Foreigner I Interviewed for my TV Show in Sacramento…

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"I've compiled some initial summarizing notes re: the Mueller report, with some of the most pertinent quotes from Mueller that are very damning, and detail Mueller's belief that the President's conduct was in his word's a 'corrupt abuse of the powers of the office'."

14 04, 2019

The Existential Danger of “ORGANIZED FAITH” & What We NEED In a 2020 Candidate

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"Understand this: FAITH as it has been polluted, falsely defined, misused and abused by power-seeking men throughout history thus far, is the primary obstacle standing in the way of a worldwide awakening of REAL LOVE and PEACE...Faith is ONLY sacred when it does NOT have any form of bigotry or condemnation toward others in its fundamental teaching! Otherwise, it is a dangerous and divisive FRAUD, and it is time we stopped teaching that divisive fraud to our children out of family or cultural tradition "

31 07, 2018

AMERICA’S SHAME: Normalizing Immoral Lies and ‘White Tribalism’ at Expense of Goodness and Moral Values

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"Words almost can't be found to describe the degree of gas lighting we are witnessing. If you still aren't yet familiar with the term 'gas lighting', it's high time you were educated: It's basically someone lying so much about something to people, mainly those in their supportive base, that those supporters decide to believe those lies despite the obvious facts and truth...Despite what they can see is actually happening in front of their very eyes to the contrary. This becomes a very sick 'group think' danger to the rest of the country. The best example is Hans Christian Andersen's age old story of "The Emperor's New Clothes..."

2 12, 2017


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"Shame on those of you who claim to be 'Christians' and 'Catholics', while turning a blind eye to this national disgrace you have created in the name of Jesus! Dear God, save us from your followers, as the apt bumper sticker says."

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