14 06, 2020

Calling for DISBANDING of the Police is not ‘WOKE’…It’s ‘WHACKED’!

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"This kind of stupidity and infantile ignorance on the far left is the worst enemy of Progressives who start off correctly understanding that there is a dire need for major change in our country, and for We the People to finally stand up together and take our country back from the corrupt, monopoly partnership between government and mega-corporations, but then they shoot themselves in the head, figuratively speaking, with such utter DUMB ASSERY!"

2 05, 2017

Trump’s Own Words Sum Up His Incompetent First 100 Days

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"Another thing I've noticed from his deeply character-challenged supporters is how much they love to try to rub his election in everyone elses face, saying 'Democrats just can't believe he beat Hillary!' No, what Democrats can't believe is NOT that Hillary lost...What Democrats AND many Republicans are shocked by is that so many of you were either that low character or that easily gas lit and fooled by such a gigantic orange reality show con artist. We were shocked that there was that degree of national ugliness, combined with mind-blowing stupidity and ignorance...We were shocked that those things could still be so prevalent in our communities across this country today."

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