25 10, 2010

NPR Hiding From Truth: Growing Fear of Muslims Worldwide

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He (Juan Williams) isn't nervous at their 'race' or 'ethnicity', he's nervous due to their heavy 'religious' identification as very devout Muslims. So the nervous feeling comes from the question that then begs to be asked: "Just HOW Devout??"...I had to chuckle when a day after WIlliams was fired, I heard a Muslim caller to a local talk radio show in Sacramento state that even she can't stop herself from feeling a bit nervous when she sees Muslims on her airline flight wearing full Islamic attire...and she herself is Muslim. That's honesty...and if I was Muslim, wearing my Calvin Klein jeans and RayBan sunglasses, flirting with the cute male steward bringing me my cocktail, I would feel a little nervous too!

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