17 01, 2018

The REAL SH#T-HOLE is Trump’s Shameful Racist MOUTH

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"It's hard to find strong enough descriptive terms for the level of dishonesty and hypocrisy we are witnessing...For the shameful behavior so many are taking part in trying to 'normalize'. I'm trying to think of a word stronger than even the term 'monumental'...All I keep coming up with is 'mind-blowing' or 'bewildering', like one person used during my interview with him about Trump for my local cable access TV show a few months back(see my website to watch the program on demand)...'MIND-BLOWING' dishonesty and hypocrisy revealing a disgracefully shameful underbelly of our country that fortunately has at least now been exposed, so that the rest of us can get to work on standing up to it, healing and changing it."

17 11, 2016

Will You Re-Light Dr. King’s Torch With Me?

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"Trump and those like-minded Americans DO NOT represent American ideals and values. They love to tell you that we are missing the point, and how this just shows how much they demanded CHANGE in Washington D.C. But we didn't miss that fact AT ALL...We all want to see honorable and ethical change in government...The deplorable truth that we all clearly see is that so many angry white Americans demanded Trump's disgraceful and bigoted brand of 'change'."

11 07, 2016

We Should Keep the Flag at Half Staff Permanently

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...the media engages in predictable, greed-driven hypocrisy, only pretending to be sincerely concerned...Truth be told, the worse it continues to get, the better the ratings for them. Their sick, wall-to-wall coverage, hyping the 'grief porn' of the victims and their families, and giving the shooters the fame they were looking for only encourages many more to do the same for such "fame" and exposure to their "cause".

12 03, 2016

Ben Carson’s Trump Endorsement = “Character Suicide”

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"All I can think is that Dr. Carson is shamefully selling out to Trump and kissing his ring because he has been led to believe Trump is going to offer him a position in his administration...For Carson's sake, he better hope that position is not the "WHITE HOUSE ______." Sorry, even in proper context, I just can't bring myself to use that word...it is just too repulsive...so let's replace it with White House 'BUTLER'."

8 09, 2013

Culture: How is it Defined and How Critical is it to Democracy?

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"...A young 20 something white male who works at the course where I often play engaged me in an unexpected topic, that being his concern about 'White Culture' in America...First, let me ask you to stop for a second and just try to define 'White Culture'...a culture unique to white people that could be somehow 'in jeopardy', and that we must seek to protect from the threat of being surpassed with the population of minorities. What is it? Is it 'Duck Dynasty'? Is it baseball, hot dogs and apple pie?..."

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