27 01, 2020

Republican Party Not Unique With Its Growing & Dangerous “Cult” Aspect

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"The Trump Cult Party and all their evangelical hypocritical CHRISTIANS don’t care that Trump lies…as a matter of fact, in the Trump Cult Party, just like in Christianity, the TRUTH isn’t what makes you ‘credible’…What makes you ‘credible’ is CONFORMITY… What makes you credible is entirely about LOYALTY, not honesty...It's all about conformity and loyalty to the Trump Cult Party agenda. That is how Trump supporting Republicans define ‘credibility’ in this sick POST TRUTH culture we live in here in the U.S."

12 02, 2019

Senator Klobuchar: ‘Tough & Gritty’ or Just a Really Bad Hostess?

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"Good grief, the lengths a gal has to go to, just to distinguish herself today in our 'United States of Reality TV'...And the challenge for parents in her audience! Because despite the free cookies and hot chocolate, there's a limit to how long you can keep your kids' minds off of the fact that they can't feel their faces, hands or feet by keeping them singing tunes from their favorite movie 'Frozen' ."

17 11, 2016

Will You Re-Light Dr. King’s Torch With Me?

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"Trump and those like-minded Americans DO NOT represent American ideals and values. They love to tell you that we are missing the point, and how this just shows how much they demanded CHANGE in Washington D.C. But we didn't miss that fact AT ALL...We all want to see honorable and ethical change in government...The deplorable truth that we all clearly see is that so many angry white Americans demanded Trump's disgraceful and bigoted brand of 'change'."

12 11, 2016

Colin Kaepernick-Type Ignorance Cost Hillary the Election

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"We can start this movement, this rejection and repudiation of this disgrace of an excuse for a President, by simply REFUSING to ever refer to him as President for the next 4 years...Let's not even give him that honor. We just refer to him as "Mr. Trump". (This will drive his ego bat sh#t crazier than it already is, and it will drive his supporters even crazier)"

1 11, 2016

Intellectual Honesty Missing on BOTH SIDES of Party Aisle

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"EVEN IF the results were innocuous and there were no classified materials or evidence of Clinton Foundation corruption found, the huge appearance would be that Comey was helping Hillary avoid the fallout with voters by his omission of this continuing of the investigation that he had previously sworn was completely finished... Of course, this is just if we are being intellectually honest. If we are throwing honesty out the window in the interest of "PARTISAN DISHONESTY", then as Progressives we are just as guilty as many on the Conservative Right, who practice ZERO intellectual honesty as they ignore all the bigotry, sick vulgarity, racism and bad character of Donald Trump."

23 08, 2016

Trump’s New Fox Network Reality Show: “KU KLUX KLAN HAS TALENT”

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"He (Trump) is convinced that you haven't been paying attention, and that he can now shift gears, re-write his con act, while giving a nod and a wink to those angry white voters who will understand that he has unfortunately no choice now but to PRETEND that he cares about minorities, in order to make up for his huge losing deficit in the polls."

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