19 04, 2019

The Ugly Genocidal Truth of ‘Passover’ in Torah

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"This is very sick stuff, especially to be teaching to children, and it has to stop. It is just as sick as the story of Abraham, told by the same God of the Jews, to make a human sacrifice of his little son Isaac (a human sacrifice), but ostensibly somehow excused as a ‘test’ of obedience, with the story of the Passover being worse only because of the sheer numbers of innocent children described as slaughtered on behalf of the Jews beliefs."

19 04, 2014

Passover Lie “Passed Over” By Jews & Christians

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"Passover" means the final plague ordered by God in the story of Moses trying to get Pharaoh to release the Jews from their bondage in Egypt. What every preacher I've ever heard always does in recounting this story, is to ignore the repeated times in the story in the book of Exodus, where it actually states that Pharaoh DECIDES TO LET THE ISRAELITES GO, and God intervenes and "hardens Pharaoh's heart" (meaning God changes Pharaoh's mind so that he WON'T let them go) in order to get to bring the next plague on all the Egyptians, the final one being mass infanticide.

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