7 07, 2018

Former FBI Asst. Director: “Trump Family Organized Crime”

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"Understand this...The fundamental foundation that makes any country "GREAT" is first and foremost the measure of the GOODNESS and BENEVOLENCE of its people! Trump's denigrating of Bush's 'thousand points of light' context in that regard is exhibit A of his and his followers' utter contempt for that truth. It is exhibit A of why they, including so many in law enforcement, chose to call him the 'law enforcement candidate', even having been made aware of his deep connections with organized crime."

31 07, 2016

Don’t Be The Embarrassed TRUMP VOTER For Rest of Your Life

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"It says something much more damning about YOU, when you as an American voter overlook such consistently ugly, corrupt facts about someone, and choose to support them like they are the "Second Coming". You aren't doing so unaware...You are aligning yourself with those same extremely corrupt, UNAMERICAN, UNDEMOCRATIC, lack of character qualities."

13 03, 2016

Trump: ‘Prejudicial’ Not ‘Presidential’

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"That Trump's daughter Ivanka has to remind her reality show con man of a father to ACT Presidential is very revealing in and of itself. And speaking of con-artists, that is exactly what kind of person it would take to pull off 'acting Presidential' with so much prejudicial character and toxic energy...It takes quite a 'con game'...quite an 'art of the deal', to use his own words."

5 02, 2016

Trump & Mob History: Unvetted by Media

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"When you Google "Trump and the Mafia" you will find many facts, articles and reports discussing questions about Donald Trump's close business involvement with organized crime families in New York while he was building his "brand". That said, DID YOU KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU READ IT HERE ON MY BLOG POST? IF NOT, WHY NOT? Answer: Because this whole "campaign" for President by Trump is gladly being handled by the media entirely as an entertaining "reality show" INSTEAD of real journalism and real news, in the interest of a big ratings boost for them, which does a horrendous disservice to our country, and more specifically to you the American viewer who still largely depends on the mainstream media for such information and vetting of your Presidential candidates."

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