23 01, 2016

Where is the FOCUS of your THOUGHTS & ENERGY?

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"When you are meditating daily on this goal described above, meaning from the point when you arise in the morning, a little throughout your day, and again reminding yourself of this goal when you lay your head down to sleep at night, then you are "focusing" your thoughts and energy where it needs to be to bring healing to you and everyone around you, according to what I refer to as Highest Wisdom... There is one other key factor in "thinking in the right, healing direction", and that is making sure that you don't hold any GRIEVANCE or GRUDGE toward anyone for any perceived harm they may have caused to you. This is one of the biggest causes of a lack of healing and happiness in one's life. You must forgive everyone equally, because when you don't forgive another, you are not forgiving yourself. Put another way, a lack of forgiveness IS ABSOLUTELY A FORM OF CONDEMNATION."

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