15 05, 2017

The Self Destruction of a Dishonest President

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"Secondly, Trump revealed in that NBC interview that his reason absolutely was motivated primarily by his anger regarding what he tried to call a "hoax" of an investigation into his campaign's possible connections to Russia. Amazingly, this is an admission of committing what is called "obstruction of justice"...Understand this important point: When you admit that your fundamental reason behind firing the top law enforcement investigator who is investigating you is that you didn't like what he was investigating and considered it bull sh#t or a 'hoax', you have admitted that you obstructed justice. Republicans continue to just ignore this truth, which is simply unbelievable."

18 02, 2017

Trump’s Latest Tweet an Incitement to Violence Toward Journalists

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"Like yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, this was beyond just angry, juvenile speech as we've often heard from Trump...This is where the line gets crossed, when it comes to free speech...When you hatefully use a nationwide broadcast tool like Twitter to call journalists and reporters you don't like 'The enemy of the American People', knowing you have every racist and white nationalist organization in the country loudly and proudly supporting you for President, you can't do that and NOT KNOW you are playing with fire."

17 02, 2017

What “FINE TUNED MACHINE” Announces NSA Pick Who Then Promptly TURNS HIM DOWN?

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"...if the Trump White House can compare itself to any 'finely tuned machine', it would have to be a 747 jetliner, with only one 'finely tuned' engine remaining, the rest on fire and losing altitude like in the movie"AIRPLANE"...As they are going down, maybe the only thing that will FINALLY get their attention is if Trump announces over the plane's intercom that "We are also OUT OF COFFEE!!" ('Airplane' scene reference)

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