4 06, 2019

What Does It Mean to be ‘HUMAN’?

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"Being human is a temporary experience here, and it simply means to be a SPIRIT who is temporarily housed in a physical existence, whose purpose is to be in harmony and peace with all other spirits inhabiting this physical plane...What it means to be human means to learn during this temporary experience in the physical, that there is NO quality that differentiates you, or your specific culture, as being the 'Chosen Race of God'... NO belief that makes you 'saved' and all others 'condemned' "

19 03, 2018

Are You Focused on what REALLY Matters Here?

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"We have a very ugly and selfish, elitist culture in America growing like a tumor by the day, as evidenced by both the growing drug culture as well as the mass ignorance that is responsible for perverting the highest office of our country with the disgraceful likes of Donald Trump...and this having been done largely by those who claim to be following 'God's will'...It is obvious that the majority have lost sight of what has real value and real meaning, in pursuit of selfish, elitist and material obsessions, all while putting on a daily facade of being 'Catholics' or 'Evangelicals' or 'Jews' or 'Muslims' or 'Mormons', etc. etc. etc...But understanding the most important example of the "Yin and Yang" is what keeps the rest of us focused on bringing healing to this sick culture that needs that healing so bad right now."

20 12, 2017

The Change Demanded As We Enter 2018

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"If you want to know where healing and true happiness comes from, I have an answer for you...The key is simply this: UNLEARNING the religious lies fed to us, and being strong enough not to just conform to them because it is comfortable to do so, and because such beliefs may be popular with those around us...I can't believe how many people actively resist this basic truth when I try to share it with them. Healing is meant for you, in every way that you need it. But healing and happiness beyond your wildest dreams will NEVER come unless you remove the bigoted beliefs that you use to think of yourself as 'preferred' in the eyes of God...It will NEVER come until you see EVERYONE as forgiven...Until you see EVERYONE as an EQUAL PART OF GOD, despite your differences of faith, sexual preference, etc."

7 02, 2017


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"The solution to this worldwide problem is not this kind of "religious" division. As a matter of fact, as I often write about, it is time we begin to wake up to the only thing that is the path to healing all of this...We have to wake up to the hate and damage that is CAUSED BY ORGANIZED RELIGION...and caused by it on ALL sides: Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike.Do you read that as a Christian or a Jew and scoff at that truth? Then you are a very ignorant individual who is nothing but an active contributor to what is standing in the way of world peace."

19 12, 2016

Smart 5th Grader Quizzing His Conservative Mom about Trump

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"Mom: Listen Sweetie, Mommy and Daddy have all our retirement money invested in Exxon, Boeing and Halliburton, and don't forget you get to INHERIT that money when we die... Bobby: I don't want your money if that's how your getting it...Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in Syria and Alleppo because of Trump's friend Putin, and his Russian bombing raids?"

21 06, 2016

REQUIRED READING: Time Has Come to Stop Pretending & Conforming Like Sheep About Religion

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"People must become at least spiritually enlightened enough to understand that religion can only be seen like someone's FAVORITE COLOR...and that is IT! You're a Christian? Fine...It doesn't make you "saved" over all others. That is a man-made lie. It's only as though you like the color RED on the color spectrum. You are a Jew? Fine...It doesn't set you apart in any way as the "Chosen Ones". It's only like your favorite color is BLUE...You are a Muslim? Fine...You aren't SPECIAL over anyone else in the eyes of Allah. It is only like your favorite color is GREEN, and we are ALL a part of the 'Divine color spectrum'. That in a nutshell is how you understand true spirituality...That is how mankind must learn to see all religion...just shades of colors in the rainbow we are all a part of together...a rainbow we co-created as a part of what God is."

12 06, 2016

“Faith” at the Root of Humanity’s Division

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" 'Faith' that has even an ounce of elitism and damning of others is spiritual 'fraud'. Faith is not automatically a beautiful thing, just as "belief" is not automatically a beautiful thing. I have personally witnessed and experienced this truth first hand, growing up around the truth about Christian beliefs, and witnessing first hand how condemning, elitist and bigoted toward others I was taught to be, using the majority of scriptures in the King James Bible."

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