9 11, 2018

SURF’S UP!! Democrats’ “BLUE WAVE” Finally Brings TRUTH to the Mouths of some LOSING Republicans

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"In a historic LANDSLIDE, Democrats took 29 seats to not just control, but dominate the House of Reps, with U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi now once again becoming the most powerful woman in the world. She will now return to the position of "Speaker of the House of Representatives" that she held once before in 2007. (And that's nice because it means she has the 'snake handling' experience that we need right now.)...There's no denying these 'big wave' results by the Democrats...And by the way, it was a wave contributed to by many Independents and defecting Republicans who never lost their moral compasses, and who are joining us in taking our country back from those who are the shame of the current Republican party."

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