13 05, 2020

Time to Collectively Take Off Our ‘LEASHES’ and Put Them On the Elite 1% WHERE THEY BELONG!

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"WE THE PEOPLE as the 99%, we have forgotten that we have the power.The constitution guarantees it from the very first line 'We the People of the United States'...It doesn't say 'We the CORPORATIONS'. And it is time NOW, for us to rise up together, use that power, and TAKE OFF OUR LEASHES (or our cloth masks, a psychological leash) and instead PUT THOSE LEASHES ON THE 1% WHERE THEY HAVE ALWAYS BELONGED!...The 1% is behind all of this unnecessary panic and fear, created by their dutiful left wing media and politicians for an agenda of growing social control of our society... If we don't stand up soon to take back the American Dream, at a certain point it will become too late, and we will remain in an American Nightmare, hopelessly in servitude and dependence on these monopoly corporations, just as their predatory, "A.I." Big Tech agenda has intended all along. This is not the free market capitalism our forefathers intended for us...You know this deep in your heart."

19 05, 2019

Time for the Democratic Party to Do Some “Soul Searching” of Their Own

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"The 'SOUL' of this nation is NOT found on the 'abortion-on-demand celebrating', 'recreational drug legalizing' LEFT of Liberals, any more than it is found on the 'assault rifle celebrating', 'LGBT and Mexican immigrant hating', 'Trump evangelizing' RIGHT of Conservatives...Understand this...The 'SOUL' of this nation is found in the MORAL CENTER embraced by most Americans, the majority of whom are well aware that we have never experienced such a corrupt, racist, dishonest and criminal-minded individual as Donald Trump elected to the highest office of our land."

19 09, 2018


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"Both the immoral Trump supporters with their 'dog whistle' race baiting, looking the other way to all the obvious criminal corruption of Donald Trump and his dutiful treasonous partnership efforts with Vladimir Putin, along with their hate for Mexican and Muslim immigrants that inexcusably can be seen to widely appeal to a hypocritical Christian evangelical base...And the other side of the spectrum, as I mentioned above, with what can often be described as a bizarre 'conformity of celebration' around recreational drug use and abortion on demand by Liberals who think that 'freedom' and 'liberty' means advocating for the doing of anything and everything that just feels good, without teaching healthy values and responsibility to young people..."

7 02, 2017


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"The solution to this worldwide problem is not this kind of "religious" division. As a matter of fact, as I often write about, it is time we begin to wake up to the only thing that is the path to healing all of this...We have to wake up to the hate and damage that is CAUSED BY ORGANIZED RELIGION...and caused by it on ALL sides: Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike.Do you read that as a Christian or a Jew and scoff at that truth? Then you are a very ignorant individual who is nothing but an active contributor to what is standing in the way of world peace."

21 01, 2017

Trump’s Hand on Bible Same Hand that Grabbed Women by Their P**SY

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"We ALL WITNESSED TRUMP stand there during one of the Presidential debates and call out to Russia, asking them to CONTINUE THEIR SPYING AND HACKING EFFORTS ON HIS BEHALF AGAINST HILLARY.That is pretty damning and indicative of collusion in and of itself...Maybe a bit more accurate of a phrase would be, there clearly remains a "DARK CLOUD OF ILLEGITIMACY" over Donald Trump as he prepares to "put his hand on the Bible"..the same hand he proudly told the Access Hollywood reporter that he used to 'grab women by the p**sy' with when he met them and found them 'hot'..."

17 09, 2015

Climate Change Should Be Litmus Test for Election 2016

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"Ms. Fiorina referred to the projected cost of trillions of dollars. (Keep in mind this is a cost to be shared globally). Are you aware that cost of the war in Iraq alone has well exceeded a TRILLION dollars? Are you aware that this is also the case with the ongoing war in Afghanistan? It also has well exceeded the cost of a TRILLION dollars. Are we so irresponsible that we are going to be OK with wasting that amount of money on such unjustifiable military campaigns, and then sarcastically scoff at such an expense that the vast majority of worldwide scientists agree is necessary to begin healing the pollution and damage we are causing to our planet, its oceans and its ecology?"

25 10, 2010

NPR Hiding From Truth: Growing Fear of Muslims Worldwide

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He (Juan Williams) isn't nervous at their 'race' or 'ethnicity', he's nervous due to their heavy 'religious' identification as very devout Muslims. So the nervous feeling comes from the question that then begs to be asked: "Just HOW Devout??"...I had to chuckle when a day after WIlliams was fired, I heard a Muslim caller to a local talk radio show in Sacramento state that even she can't stop herself from feeling a bit nervous when she sees Muslims on her airline flight wearing full Islamic attire...and she herself is Muslim. That's honesty...and if I was Muslim, wearing my Calvin Klein jeans and RayBan sunglasses, flirting with the cute male steward bringing me my cocktail, I would feel a little nervous too!

21 10, 2010


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We overlook the following truth at our peril as Americans: Super corporations can be much more tyrannical than government. Therefore it is not anti-capitalism to suggest they be limited or ‘regulated’. Such a necessary common sense economic policy is NOT ‘socialism’, but merely PROTECTING free enterprise for all, not just for the elite...

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