10 08, 2017

Trump and Kim Jong Un Starring in”NUKE & NUKER”

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"North Korea is recklessly pushing to develop such nuclear weapons technology primarily because they are convinced that their survival depends on that as a DETERRENT... And again, adults and competent leaders in our government and in our military understand that. Trump's incompetent threats indicate that he does not, and they reflect the ongoing pattern of incompetence we have seen in other areas. This is one of the biggest dangers our country faces from his incompetency in the White House...What is needed desperately right now is more communication like that from Secretary Tillerson, reinforcing to North Korea that they have misunderstood the United State's intentions where they are concerned, and that we are NOT THEIR ENEMY."

25 04, 2017

What Are We? The “Mother of all PEACE” or the “Mother of all WAR?”

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"The solution is NOT to keep ramping up the nuclear war rhetoric! There are many of us who know how creating peace INSTEAD of maintaining permanent enemies can be accomplished with our diverse brothers and sisters on this planet. The PROBLEM is, those of us who know how to approach WORLD FRIENDSHIP and help to create it, are prevented from having that opportunity by the powers that be, whose selfish profiteering, world domination agenda stands to be JEOPARDIZED and DEFEATED from such a world peace leadership model."

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