19 04, 2019

The Ugly Genocidal Truth of ‘Passover’ in Torah

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"This is very sick stuff, especially to be teaching to children, and it has to stop. It is just as sick as the story of Abraham, told by the same God of the Jews, to make a human sacrifice of his little son Isaac (a human sacrifice), but ostensibly somehow excused as a ‘test’ of obedience, with the story of the Passover being worse only because of the sheer numbers of innocent children described as slaughtered on behalf of the Jews beliefs."

6 08, 2018

The Religious Origin of ‘Gas Lighting’

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"...love doesn't require a sick human or animal 'blood sacrifice atonement'. How did so many people just accept such a sick 'gas lighting' story as the story of Abraham in the Old Testament, trying to 'sacrifice' his son Isaac on an altar, all to satisfy a sick God who needed a human or animal blood lust to be satisfied?? The answer of course is partly because CHILDREN have been and continue to be routinely taught this story by Jews and Christians in Sunday School for centuries. If you tried to teach such sick things to a fully grown adult, they'd laugh you out of the room for the 5150 whack job you clearly would be."

21 06, 2016

REQUIRED READING: Time Has Come to Stop Pretending & Conforming Like Sheep About Religion

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"People must become at least spiritually enlightened enough to understand that religion can only be seen like someone's FAVORITE COLOR...and that is IT! You're a Christian? Fine...It doesn't make you "saved" over all others. That is a man-made lie. It's only as though you like the color RED on the color spectrum. You are a Jew? Fine...It doesn't set you apart in any way as the "Chosen Ones". It's only like your favorite color is BLUE...You are a Muslim? Fine...You aren't SPECIAL over anyone else in the eyes of Allah. It is only like your favorite color is GREEN, and we are ALL a part of the 'Divine color spectrum'. That in a nutshell is how you understand true spirituality...That is how mankind must learn to see all religion...just shades of colors in the rainbow we are all a part of together...a rainbow we co-created as a part of what God is."

3 01, 2015

The BEST New Year’s Resolution: Unconditional Forgiveness

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"The mistaken thought that most people are suffering from is ironically caused by organized religion...that being the false fear-based teaching of the Big Three religions that you are separate from what 'God' is, and that you are at your essence 'evil', requiring first a 'human or animal blood sacrifice' and certain other conditions by which God might then 'save' you from eternal damnation. Stephen King novels don't even get that sick...I think I know where Stephen King got his early inspiration for his novels as a kid...SUNDAY SCHOOL!"

18 11, 2014

Holding Grievances: The Often Ignored ROOT of Organized Religion

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"I was raised on the Bible. You could say I 'cut my teeth on it'. Even as a child studying it, I quickly recognized that the Bible is a seemingly endless stream of stories of God portrayed as holding grievances. But the truth is, it was written by vengeful, bigoted men who held grievances, and who sought to control the masses through fear, by creating a religion and a God “in their image”.

19 04, 2014

Passover Lie “Passed Over” By Jews & Christians

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"Passover" means the final plague ordered by God in the story of Moses trying to get Pharaoh to release the Jews from their bondage in Egypt. What every preacher I've ever heard always does in recounting this story, is to ignore the repeated times in the story in the book of Exodus, where it actually states that Pharaoh DECIDES TO LET THE ISRAELITES GO, and God intervenes and "hardens Pharaoh's heart" (meaning God changes Pharaoh's mind so that he WON'T let them go) in order to get to bring the next plague on all the Egyptians, the final one being mass infanticide.

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