4 06, 2019

What Does It Mean to be ‘HUMAN’?

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"Being human is a temporary experience here, and it simply means to be a SPIRIT who is temporarily housed in a physical existence, whose purpose is to be in harmony and peace with all other spirits inhabiting this physical plane...What it means to be human means to learn during this temporary experience in the physical, that there is NO quality that differentiates you, or your specific culture, as being the 'Chosen Race of God'... NO belief that makes you 'saved' and all others 'condemned' "

20 12, 2017

The Change Demanded As We Enter 2018

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"If you want to know where healing and true happiness comes from, I have an answer for you...The key is simply this: UNLEARNING the religious lies fed to us, and being strong enough not to just conform to them because it is comfortable to do so, and because such beliefs may be popular with those around us...I can't believe how many people actively resist this basic truth when I try to share it with them. Healing is meant for you, in every way that you need it. But healing and happiness beyond your wildest dreams will NEVER come unless you remove the bigoted beliefs that you use to think of yourself as 'preferred' in the eyes of God...It will NEVER come until you see EVERYONE as forgiven...Until you see EVERYONE as an EQUAL PART OF GOD, despite your differences of faith, sexual preference, etc."

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