14 12, 2015

USE of “P-Word” Applies More to Man Using the Slur

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"Next time you hear a man call another man a 'pussy', stand up for the beautiful healing strength of women and shut him down. I had this exact experience in a police academy class I was in not long ago. My background is law enforcement, and I was going through a refresher course here in Sacramento. The instructor showed very weak character in the class when he responded to a recruit's point of view on a certain topic by saying, "C'mon, don't be a PUSSY". He absolutely wanted to compare the possible point of view of the recruit as being 'weak and effeminate like a female'. Being the only person in the room with prior experience as a police officer, I raised my hand to address the inappropriate use of such a term in an academy class. I politely explained to the instructor, for the entire class to hear, that to compare weakness and ineffectiveness to someone who has a vagina, i.e.someone who has a 'pussy', is grossly wrong, inaccurate and inappropriate."

7 12, 2015

ALIENATION: Key Element in BOTH Radical Terrorism and Non-Terrorist Mass Violence

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"The Bible teaches the EXACT same message of alienation as does the Koran, that being if you become a Christian, you will be alienated from the rest of a horribly persecuting world, but that it will be worth it for you in the afterlife, as they will all be tormented in Hell forever while you will receive your wealth in heaven for eternity, etc., etc. Organized religion CREATES an 'alienation complex' in its "believers". This is the glaring evidence of it being man-made and fraudulent. True spirituality doesn't teach alienation WHATSOEVER! True spirituality has NO element of condemnation or damnation as a result for 'non-believers'."

16 11, 2015

Man-Made Religious Ideology Not Just Problem with Islam

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"We can't ignore that WE, the United States, largely fueled by a Conservative presidency at the time (George W. Bush) and his Christian and Jewish constituency and advisers, continued a long legacy of undermining and attacking Islam...specifically Iraq and Afghanistan. Our actions were the metaphorical equivalent of your child being stung by a couple of hornets, and you get so angry that you decide to take a broomstick and SWAT the hornet's nest a dozen times. After doing so, you hypocritically exclaim to all your neighbors' horribly stung children that you did so because it was time to "BRING IT ON", etc.(The words George W. Bush famously said after our invasion of Iraq)"

18 04, 2015

CNN’s Fahreed Zakaria: “There’s a Cancer Inside Islam”

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"It is time we stopped being weak, conformist sheep, and started being willing to OFFEND those who teach hate, bigotry and damnation "in the name of God", whether they be mainstream Christians teaching that man-made message which is rampant all throughout the Bible's scriptures, or whether they are mainstream Muslims teaching that man-made message found all throughout the Koran."

24 02, 2015

WHAT THE HELL? Why People Believe In It

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"President OBama is grossly in error as he continues bending himself into a political pretzel by trying to argue that ISIS, Al Qaeda and other such Islamic radicals are NOT part of Islam. That is not just a laughable lie, it is a hysterical lie. These groups are first and foremost, fundamentally motivated by the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran that demand that ALL MUSLIMS help to create a world wide "caliphate", which means a world wide theocracy under Sharia Law, where the entire world's laws are to be governed by the teachings of Islam and the Koran."

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