2 05, 2017

Trump’s Own Words Sum Up His Incompetent First 100 Days

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"Another thing I've noticed from his deeply character-challenged supporters is how much they love to try to rub his election in everyone elses face, saying 'Democrats just can't believe he beat Hillary!' No, what Democrats can't believe is NOT that Hillary lost...What Democrats AND many Republicans are shocked by is that so many of you were either that low character or that easily gas lit and fooled by such a gigantic orange reality show con artist. We were shocked that there was that degree of national ugliness, combined with mind-blowing stupidity and ignorance...We were shocked that those things could still be so prevalent in our communities across this country today."

7 02, 2017


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"The solution to this worldwide problem is not this kind of "religious" division. As a matter of fact, as I often write about, it is time we begin to wake up to the only thing that is the path to healing all of this...We have to wake up to the hate and damage that is CAUSED BY ORGANIZED RELIGION...and caused by it on ALL sides: Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike.Do you read that as a Christian or a Jew and scoff at that truth? Then you are a very ignorant individual who is nothing but an active contributor to what is standing in the way of world peace."

30 01, 2017

Trump Supporters: Bigotry or Bad Judgment?

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"Do you remember racist Alabama Governor George Wallace? Saying Donald Trump is more honorable than Hillary is akin to those who, in the face of all the bigotry constantly spewing out of Wallace’s mouth, tried to spin it that Wallace was in fact the “patriotic American” because he was a POPULIST GOVERNOR standing up for the “voice of the people” and for “STATE’S RIGHTS” (dog whistle talk for maintaining popular Southern prejudice such as voting restrictions and segregation that discriminated against Blacks)…And that President Lyndon B. Johnson, who so effectively shut Wallace down, was the corrupt politician."

6 01, 2017


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"We can't find peace, happiness and healing for ourselves, or bring it to others, until we learn to 'think' correctly...until we learn what our true nature is, which teaches us what our purpose is. Do you spend a great deal of time asking for this kind of wisdom? The vast majority of people do not, and as a result their lives are full of pain, unhealthiness, unhappiness, selfish anger, bigotry, disregard for others' needs, discord and depression...All stemming simply from incorrect, unhealthy thinking about the nature of what they are."

27 12, 2016

Public School Music Teacher Gives Practical Lesson to Kids on Trump

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"My 'SNL' style impersonation/comedy sketch featuring the typical California public school music and arts teacher today, in the wake of the disgraceful Trump election, teaching her second grade class the song "It's a Small World" (with minor adjustments to the lyrics)..."

19 12, 2016

Smart 5th Grader Quizzing His Conservative Mom about Trump

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"Mom: Listen Sweetie, Mommy and Daddy have all our retirement money invested in Exxon, Boeing and Halliburton, and don't forget you get to INHERIT that money when we die... Bobby: I don't want your money if that's how your getting it...Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in Syria and Alleppo because of Trump's friend Putin, and his Russian bombing raids?"

24 11, 2016

No, Nevada IS Pronounced “Ne-VAH-da!”

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"Nevada is a SPANISH word, meaning 'snow capped'. But irritated, Mexican immigrant-disliking folks have for many years chafed at the proper phonetic pronunciation. I believe this is mainly because it's a Spanish name and they wanted to sort of 'bastardize' it or 'Americanize' it. So much so, they even resorted to an expensive NATIONAL COMMERCIAL campaign in the interest of state tourism!(see pic example)"

17 11, 2016

Will You Re-Light Dr. King’s Torch With Me?

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"Trump and those like-minded Americans DO NOT represent American ideals and values. They love to tell you that we are missing the point, and how this just shows how much they demanded CHANGE in Washington D.C. But we didn't miss that fact AT ALL...We all want to see honorable and ethical change in government...The deplorable truth that we all clearly see is that so many angry white Americans demanded Trump's disgraceful and bigoted brand of 'change'."

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