19 12, 2016

Smart 5th Grader Quizzing His Conservative Mom about Trump

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"Mom: Listen Sweetie, Mommy and Daddy have all our retirement money invested in Exxon, Boeing and Halliburton, and don't forget you get to INHERIT that money when we die... Bobby: I don't want your money if that's how your getting it...Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in Syria and Alleppo because of Trump's friend Putin, and his Russian bombing raids?"

24 11, 2016

No, Nevada IS Pronounced “Ne-VAH-da!”

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"Nevada is a SPANISH word, meaning 'snow capped'. But irritated, Mexican immigrant-disliking folks have for many years chafed at the proper phonetic pronunciation. I believe this is mainly because it's a Spanish name and they wanted to sort of 'bastardize' it or 'Americanize' it. So much so, they even resorted to an expensive NATIONAL COMMERCIAL campaign in the interest of state tourism!(see pic example)"

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