4 05, 2020

Dark Agenda Behind Corona “PANIC-DEMIC”…And NEWSWEEK Reports Dr. Fauci FUNDED Wuhan Lab Coronavirus Manipulation Research Over LAST SIX YEARS with 7.4 Million Tax Payer Dollars!

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"FREEDOM & RISK...They are unseparable. You cannot have one without the other. The elite “1%” agenda behind what we are currently witnessing involves ‘Big Insurance’ and their likeminded monopoly partners, seeking to have massive control of BOTH! Big Insurance is, as you know, first and foremost in the business of CONTROLLING RISK…Part of the dark agenda at play behind the scenes right now involves the elite uber-corporate powers that be seeking to falsely manufacture such widespread panic and fear, that the general public will not resist, but will sheepishly INVITE less freedom and privacy for themselves, in return for a ‘PERCEPTION OF PROTECTION’ "

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