17 01, 2018

The REAL SH#T-HOLE is Trump’s Shameful Racist MOUTH

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"It's hard to find strong enough descriptive terms for the level of dishonesty and hypocrisy we are witnessing...For the shameful behavior so many are taking part in trying to 'normalize'. I'm trying to think of a word stronger than even the term 'monumental'...All I keep coming up with is 'mind-blowing' or 'bewildering', like one person used during my interview with him about Trump for my local cable access TV show a few months back(see my website to watch the program on demand)...'MIND-BLOWING' dishonesty and hypocrisy revealing a disgracefully shameful underbelly of our country that fortunately has at least now been exposed, so that the rest of us can get to work on standing up to it, healing and changing it."

6 04, 2016

“Pie-O-Matic” Deal with Hillary Could Unite Country

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"So I've been thinking a lot about this, and I came to the conclusion that it may be in America's overall interest to make a "DEAL" with Hillary. Since we know our nation can't afford to elect a "Carrot Top Jack in the Box" for Prez (Donald Trump), and since it is looking more and more like it may be inevitable that she becomes our next President, I suggest we get out in front of that likely outcome with special American proposal for Hillary..."

3 11, 2015


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"Because EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT, meaning thought is the source of all creation... negative unloving thoughts have a consequence for those who think them...they will create major problems and negative outcomes in your experience here that we call 'LIFE'...People mistakenly love to say, 'You can't talk about religion and politics'...yet we MUST talk about those two topics no matter how controversial it may seem, because those two institutions have been corrupt bedfellows causing upside down wrong thinking for thousands of years in their shared interest of controlling the masses for their power and profit motives."

16 06, 2015

BUSH 3.0? Clinton 2.0? Is it “We the People” or “We the SHEEP”?

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"Those embarrassing simpletons jumping up and down in their glee for Hillary and/or Bush right now are, simply put, sorry excuses for American citizens, and that is putting it nicely. They are like weak, empty-headed little "Sesame Street" sheep, distracted and led by the mainstream media hype, clueless about the corrupt dismantling behind the scenes of everything our forefathers intended for this country."

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