5 01, 2020

Historical Synopsis of the MONUMENTAL LIES & FRAUD of Christianity

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"Below I will provide a brief overview of what has been deliberately held back from most Christians by the church, and by pastors and "ministers" who may even themselves not be aware of these facts, having never done their homework about the "beliefs" they admittedly hold entirely based on 'childlike faith'. I was also raised in that evangelical Christian fundamentalist environment, and I am very thankful that I was 'SAVED' from it after finally learning about the following truths that expose the lies and man-made fraud of Judeo-Christianity."

23 02, 2016

We Create the Peace of God

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"More and more, all I see when I look around me is mass hypocrisy...a world full of people who are selfishly fighting AGAINST their true purpose and their true nature...people who are like sheep, and who would just rather conform to what is "popular", fed to them by power-mongering institutions like organized religion, the media and political parties just to name a few, rather than waking up to the fake, pretentious scene they are helping to sustain by doing so."

16 11, 2015

Man-Made Religious Ideology Not Just Problem with Islam

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"We can't ignore that WE, the United States, largely fueled by a Conservative presidency at the time (George W. Bush) and his Christian and Jewish constituency and advisers, continued a long legacy of undermining and attacking Islam...specifically Iraq and Afghanistan. Our actions were the metaphorical equivalent of your child being stung by a couple of hornets, and you get so angry that you decide to take a broomstick and SWAT the hornet's nest a dozen times. After doing so, you hypocritically exclaim to all your neighbors' horribly stung children that you did so because it was time to "BRING IT ON", etc.(The words George W. Bush famously said after our invasion of Iraq)"

18 04, 2015

CNN’s Fahreed Zakaria: “There’s a Cancer Inside Islam”

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"It is time we stopped being weak, conformist sheep, and started being willing to OFFEND those who teach hate, bigotry and damnation "in the name of God", whether they be mainstream Christians teaching that man-made message which is rampant all throughout the Bible's scriptures, or whether they are mainstream Muslims teaching that man-made message found all throughout the Koran."

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