19 03, 2018

Are You Focused on what REALLY Matters Here?

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"We have a very ugly and selfish, elitist culture in America growing like a tumor by the day, as evidenced by both the growing drug culture as well as the mass ignorance that is responsible for perverting the highest office of our country with the disgraceful likes of Donald Trump...and this having been done largely by those who claim to be following 'God's will'...It is obvious that the majority have lost sight of what has real value and real meaning, in pursuit of selfish, elitist and material obsessions, all while putting on a daily facade of being 'Catholics' or 'Evangelicals' or 'Jews' or 'Muslims' or 'Mormons', etc. etc. etc...But understanding the most important example of the "Yin and Yang" is what keeps the rest of us focused on bringing healing to this sick culture that needs that healing so bad right now."

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