14 04, 2019

The Existential Danger of “ORGANIZED FAITH” & What We NEED In a 2020 Candidate

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"Understand this: FAITH as it has been polluted, falsely defined, misused and abused by power-seeking men throughout history thus far, is the primary obstacle standing in the way of a worldwide awakening of REAL LOVE and PEACE...Faith is ONLY sacred when it does NOT have any form of bigotry or condemnation toward others in its fundamental teaching! Otherwise, it is a dangerous and divisive FRAUD, and it is time we stopped teaching that divisive fraud to our children out of family or cultural tradition "

24 10, 2014

Being The Love of God That Others Need

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'...do you want to know what brings harmony, health, happiness and peace in life for people? A daily awareness that your function...your purpose here is to create heaven on earth by being the "love of God" that others need. Your purpose is to be the love and strength of God for others, because you are a part of what God is. To be very frank, Christianity and Islam have lied and denied the masses that awareness for untold centuries. The only real spiritual truth that has the power to bring peace on earth is that God's love and forgiveness are not "proprietary" to one religion that "owns" the only way to receive it.'

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