4 02, 2019


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"The massive dumbing down of this country that we've seen in the media over the last couple of decades has been part of this corrupt 'Corporatism' agenda. And that dumbing down has resulted in many Americans being fooled by the subtle con that these social media mega corporations have been running...While they convinced you that you were getting all kinds of stuff for free, you didn't realize the truth behind the con...YOU ARE THEIR PRODUCT...YOU ARE THE COMMODITY THEY ARE SELLING. And you are rapidly losing your coveted personal privacy and independence as a person...The internet was supposed to be the great equalizer to this rampant growing corruption, but ironically it has become the GREAT TRANQUILIZER, due to being allowed to be controlled by MONEY and these corrupt corporations that do not have the people's interests at heart, unless of course you happen to be one of their elite stockholders."

11 01, 2016

Casual “POKING”on Facebook Requires Clarity

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"I mean, the details are purposefully vague... Wouldn't you expect Facebook to at least make it clear with what I was poked with...HOW MANY TIMES I was poked... and precisely WHERE I was poked...I didn't just fall off the Apple I-phone boat yesterday, I know it's very unlikely they poked me in my ear, you know what I'm saying? And what is the proper "POKING PROTOCOL?" Do you have some obligation as a 'pokee' to the 'poker'? There's probably some expected response, and I am afraid I may have unintentionally come off like a bitch... Cause I know if I poked someone (I don't know what I'd poke them with, I guess maybe my finger) I'd want to snuggle a little and chat for a bit probably. So I worry since I had no idea I was poked, that I may have come off very rude."

21 08, 2013


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99.9% of what you see on FB is ignorant, mind numbing, meaningless drivel, or self-serving people who say things as though they thought of it, that are ripped off and not original... and this kind of hyper-shallow content gets a lot of responses from the "Honey Boo Boo"/"Indiana Inbred Exes"/"God,Guns &Pedophiles" generation.

For instance, I saw someone the other day post the following as though it was her material, when it was probably used by the first female neanderthal standup comic  at the "Cave Comedy Night". She posted,,,

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