26 05, 2017

Republicans Not Only Ones With Growing Cancer In Their Party

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"So when you start to forget some of his many compounding lies as you encounter any Trump supporters who try to hit you with their inevitable and bewildering: "What proof do you have?", you can keep this as a reminder of the proof to refresh your memory (and their's) of most of the key corrupt Trump lies and cover up attempts taking place over the last few months that are perverting and disgracing the highest office of our land...Major proof of the actual crimes committed will be coming down the line, as the FBI has revealed that the investigation has expanded from initially just being a counter-intelligence investigation, to now being a full on criminal investigation. They have also revealed that it has expanded to specifically include a major focus on possible financial crimes and money-laundering."

15 05, 2017

The Self Destruction of a Dishonest President

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"Secondly, Trump revealed in that NBC interview that his reason absolutely was motivated primarily by his anger regarding what he tried to call a "hoax" of an investigation into his campaign's possible connections to Russia. Amazingly, this is an admission of committing what is called "obstruction of justice"...Understand this important point: When you admit that your fundamental reason behind firing the top law enforcement investigator who is investigating you is that you didn't like what he was investigating and considered it bull sh#t or a 'hoax', you have admitted that you obstructed justice. Republicans continue to just ignore this truth, which is simply unbelievable."

25 03, 2017


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"...what is even more damning to Trump and many of his misguided, blindly supporting sheep, including many Republican members of Congress, is their childish 'tattletale' defense...Their unconscionable excuse-making to distract from all the damning things coming to the surface, in which they try to distract from that grave, treasonous information by saying: "The more important problem that needs investigating is who is responsible for LEAKING the information'."

1 11, 2016

Intellectual Honesty Missing on BOTH SIDES of Party Aisle

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"EVEN IF the results were innocuous and there were no classified materials or evidence of Clinton Foundation corruption found, the huge appearance would be that Comey was helping Hillary avoid the fallout with voters by his omission of this continuing of the investigation that he had previously sworn was completely finished... Of course, this is just if we are being intellectually honest. If we are throwing honesty out the window in the interest of "PARTISAN DISHONESTY", then as Progressives we are just as guilty as many on the Conservative Right, who practice ZERO intellectual honesty as they ignore all the bigotry, sick vulgarity, racism and bad character of Donald Trump."

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