12 03, 2016

Ben Carson’s Trump Endorsement = “Character Suicide”

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"All I can think is that Dr. Carson is shamefully selling out to Trump and kissing his ring because he has been led to believe Trump is going to offer him a position in his administration...For Carson's sake, he better hope that position is not the "WHITE HOUSE ______." Sorry, even in proper context, I just can't bring myself to use that word...it is just too repulsive...so let's replace it with White House 'BUTLER'."

18 12, 2015

Trump’s Election Reality Show Depends on “Duck Dynasty” Ignorance

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"More importantly, if "TEAM DUCK DYNASTY" America agrees with the clear insanity Trump confirmed last night in the debate, that he advocates killing the FAMILY MEMBERS of terrorists, then the moral center of this country of ours is already dead beyond reviving... He advocated for such a policy in recent weeks, of seeking out the family members of terrorist suspects (Mother, Father, brothers, sisters) and killing them as a backlash...And everyone still just continues to accept him as a serious, legitimate candidate for President of the United States? HAS THE MOVIE "IDIOCRACY" BECOME REALITY IN AMERICA TODAY? "

6 10, 2012

OBama Gets Bin Laden, Romney Pledges to Take Out BIG BIRD??

By |2012-10-06T08:44:48-07:00October 6th, 2012|Comedy, Politics|0 Comments

“What in the world was OBama writing?” Chris Matthews blathered on his show at nauseum the day after the debate…Chris, he was probably reluctantly writing another Executive Order to Seal Team 6: “Can you guys believe this… Taking out Bin Laden wasn’t good enough for these ingrates, they’d rather have Big Bird??…SO GET IT DONE BEFORE THE ELECTION!”

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