11 01, 2016

Casual “POKING”on Facebook Requires Clarity

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"I mean, the details are purposefully vague... Wouldn't you expect Facebook to at least make it clear with what I was poked with...HOW MANY TIMES I was poked... and precisely WHERE I was poked...I didn't just fall off the Apple I-phone boat yesterday, I know it's very unlikely they poked me in my ear, you know what I'm saying? And what is the proper "POKING PROTOCOL?" Do you have some obligation as a 'pokee' to the 'poker'? There's probably some expected response, and I am afraid I may have unintentionally come off like a bitch... Cause I know if I poked someone (I don't know what I'd poke them with, I guess maybe my finger) I'd want to snuggle a little and chat for a bit probably. So I worry since I had no idea I was poked, that I may have come off very rude."

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