19 05, 2020

If Our Great Grandparents Were Here Today, They’d be SHAMING Our Irresponsible, Weak CONFORMITY

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"Our ancestors didn't build this great nation with such an infantile, germaphobic fear of ANY and ALL risk of the world around us! THEY WERE STRONGER THAN THAT, and that is what they would tell us now if they were here...they would tell you that YOU are stronger than this! They would be shaming us for our sheep-like conformity and subservience in response to such an unAmerican, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, CORRUPT CORPORATE MONOPOLY THREAT to 'The American Dream', and to equal access to free enterprise for the COMMON WORKING CLASS AMERICAN."

6 03, 2016

Conservative Call for Less Corporate Regulation = Intellectual Dishonesty

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"Saying we need unregulated corporations in a free market capitalist system is akin to being trapped in a cave with a big lion on a very cold night and thinking, 'I will use my wooden spear for making a fire to keep us both warm…I don’t need to control the lion with the wooden spear… I can trust him to be a vegetarian…He will need the warm fire too. We will work together and survive the cold night.' (RIIIIIIIIIIGHT…Good luck with that!)"

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