22 05, 2020

Dr. Fauci tells Senate ‘Vaccine’ Can Make Virus WORSE…And Media’s Ignoring of CDC Whistle Blower on Autism Connection to MMR Vaccine

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"The mainstream media has completely ignored reporting this, and it is possibly the most concerning thing Fauci has said to date, related to the issue of a 'vaccine' for Covid-19...To say the least, such a general admission out of Fauci's mouth in front of a Senate panel about vaccines is exceedingly revealing about the truth regarding the potential dangers surrounding vaccines - especially if one already has a weakened or lowered immune system, even if one does NOT have major underlying chronic health issues. Fortunately, this WAS reported in the Washington Examiner, in an article by Spencer Neale entitled: FAUCI WARNS CERTAIN CORONAVIRUS VACCINATIONS COULD 'ENHANCE THE NEGATIVE EFFECT OF THE INFECTION' "

19 05, 2020

If Our Great Grandparents Were Here Today, They’d be SHAMING Our Irresponsible, Weak CONFORMITY

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"Our ancestors didn't build this great nation with such an infantile, germaphobic fear of ANY and ALL risk of the world around us! THEY WERE STRONGER THAN THAT, and that is what they would tell us now if they were here...they would tell you that YOU are stronger than this! They would be shaming us for our sheep-like conformity and subservience in response to such an unAmerican, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, CORRUPT CORPORATE MONOPOLY THREAT to 'The American Dream', and to equal access to free enterprise for the COMMON WORKING CLASS AMERICAN."

13 05, 2020

Time to Collectively Take Off Our ‘LEASHES’ and Put Them On the Elite 1% WHERE THEY BELONG!

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"WE THE PEOPLE as the 99%, we have forgotten that we have the power.The constitution guarantees it from the very first line 'We the People of the United States'...It doesn't say 'We the CORPORATIONS'. And it is time NOW, for us to rise up together, use that power, and TAKE OFF OUR LEASHES (or our cloth masks, a psychological leash) and instead PUT THOSE LEASHES ON THE 1% WHERE THEY HAVE ALWAYS BELONGED!...The 1% is behind all of this unnecessary panic and fear, created by their dutiful left wing media and politicians for an agenda of growing social control of our society... If we don't stand up soon to take back the American Dream, at a certain point it will become too late, and we will remain in an American Nightmare, hopelessly in servitude and dependence on these monopoly corporations, just as their predatory, "A.I." Big Tech agenda has intended all along. This is not the free market capitalism our forefathers intended for us...You know this deep in your heart."

4 05, 2020

Dark Agenda Behind Corona “PANIC-DEMIC”…And NEWSWEEK Reports Dr. Fauci FUNDED Wuhan Lab Coronavirus Manipulation Research Over LAST SIX YEARS with 7.4 Million Tax Payer Dollars!

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"FREEDOM & RISK...They are unseparable. You cannot have one without the other. The elite “1%” agenda behind what we are currently witnessing involves ‘Big Insurance’ and their likeminded monopoly partners, seeking to have massive control of BOTH! Big Insurance is, as you know, first and foremost in the business of CONTROLLING RISK…Part of the dark agenda at play behind the scenes right now involves the elite uber-corporate powers that be seeking to falsely manufacture such widespread panic and fear, that the general public will not resist, but will sheepishly INVITE less freedom and privacy for themselves, in return for a ‘PERCEPTION OF PROTECTION’ "

21 04, 2020

Random Sample Testing by Stanford University Showing Corona Fatality Rate Exponentially LOWER, Comparable to FLU

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"Early serological random sampling is showing that likely MANY MILLIONS of Americans…Likely HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS WORLDWIDE have had Covid-19 and didn’t realize it, and have recovered from it…This means the NUMBER OF CASES IS HIGHER BY MULTIPLE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE (One 'order of magnitude' means 10X's)…As I have said before, you will continue to see this confirmed in the weeks to come, and this means this WAS NOT the horrible 'plague' that it was hyped to be...It means that our nation and the world is being lied to about the grossly exaggerated mortality rate of the virus for some underlying agenda that has been used and will likely continue to be used as an excuse to limit our precious civil liberties"

12 04, 2020


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"Like many of you, I am a Democrat. That said, I can clearly see what is destroying this nation from the inside...And what is destroying this nation from the inside is NOT ONLY coming from the Trump Cult on the Right. That being the case, I don't care that many of you do not find the ethical, straightforward FACTS I always present to be 'popular' with your Left-wing narrative. MUCH about that Left wing narrative is just as corrupt, unethical and dangerous for our country as the corrupt Right wing popular narrative I rail against routinely! The truth is somewhere in the intellectually honest MIDDLE."

2 04, 2020

Fact Checking the UNNECESSARY HYSTERIA Created by the Media Over Covid-19

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"There is a big difference between the word 'hoax' and the word 'hype'. Obviously the novel Corona virus is real and is not any kind of 'hoax'. But it IS being massively HYPED in a huge way by the media right now as part of a political agenda, and there's no excuse for it. There's also no excuse for the threat that hype and manufactured hysteria is becoming to Americans' precious freedom and independence, both social and economic. "

21 03, 2020

Corona Virus: Media HYPE creates HYSTERIA more than a ‘HOAX’

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"I'm going to be hitting you with true REALITY and FACTS here about the Corona Flu - because that is ALL that it is - as opposed to the media's newest reality show "CORONA SURVIVOR" that they are shamefully broadcasting 24/7. So if this brings you down from your "FEAR HIGH" that you are craving to be satisfied, TOO BAD!...While it is so blatantly obvious that the media is hyping this 'corona virus' topic for maximum ratings, what is really more concerning in the bigger picture is the degree to which so many people allow themselves to be 'infected' with that hype..."

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