22 02, 2017

Gorsuch Supreme Court Campaign Commercial Using Classic Trump “Art of Deception”

By |2017-02-22T21:33:45-08:00February 22nd, 2017|Neil Gorsuch, Politics|0 Comments

"...it is beyond disturbing to see the attempt at deception with the way this Gorsuch campaign commercial begins, by falsely characterizing him as a "Constitutionalist", but then by his own admission he states his contradicting personal opinion, saying "It is the role of judges to APPLY, not ALTER, the work of the people's elected representatives...No Mr. Gorsuch, the ROLE of the Supreme Court Judge, and even the lower courts for that matter, is to be a CHECK AND BALANCE to the people's elected representatives."

19 02, 2016

Reality Show Drug Culture ‘TRUMPS’ Virtue in America

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"we have CLEARLY lost that critical virtuous foundation of integrity, and we are well on our way to becoming just like the American 'toilet bowl' of a society depicted in the Luke Wilson movie "IDIOCRACY". If you haven't seen Idiocracy, run don't walk to your local video store...VIDEO STORE, silly me! Your video store is now your local pot dispensary or 'happy ending massage parlor'...Sorry...I meant run don't walk to your NETFLIX account and stream it today. See how the writer of the movie's script was like some kind of amazing psychic, and how close we already are today to the sick, vulgar and 'dumbed down' toilet bowl of a culture depicted in the movie, in a country that showed so much promise once upon a time."

18 12, 2015

Trump’s Election Reality Show Depends on “Duck Dynasty” Ignorance

By |2015-12-18T00:04:27-08:00December 18th, 2015|Election, Politics|0 Comments

"More importantly, if "TEAM DUCK DYNASTY" America agrees with the clear insanity Trump confirmed last night in the debate, that he advocates killing the FAMILY MEMBERS of terrorists, then the moral center of this country of ours is already dead beyond reviving... He advocated for such a policy in recent weeks, of seeking out the family members of terrorist suspects (Mother, Father, brothers, sisters) and killing them as a backlash...And everyone still just continues to accept him as a serious, legitimate candidate for President of the United States? HAS THE MOVIE "IDIOCRACY" BECOME REALITY IN AMERICA TODAY? "

16 06, 2015

BUSH 3.0? Clinton 2.0? Is it “We the People” or “We the SHEEP”?

By |2015-06-16T21:28:20-07:00June 16th, 2015|Politics|0 Comments

"Those embarrassing simpletons jumping up and down in their glee for Hillary and/or Bush right now are, simply put, sorry excuses for American citizens, and that is putting it nicely. They are like weak, empty-headed little "Sesame Street" sheep, distracted and led by the mainstream media hype, clueless about the corrupt dismantling behind the scenes of everything our forefathers intended for this country."

3 05, 2015


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"If the church was the institution that allowed you to get married and gave you the marriage license, you would have a point...but that's akin to saying "if the Earth was really only 5000 years old, and if there were no dinosaurs, and snakes could talk like the one in the Bible story of the Garden of Eden, your Christian beliefs would be called 'science'. "

10 01, 2013

America’s Culture of Violence: Only One Solution (PART 2)

By |2013-01-10T05:52:36-08:00January 10th, 2013|Gun Violence, Politics|0 Comments

Morals, ethics and community values are the ONLY THING that will solve our epidemic of violence in America today. Here is one of the most important points I want to make: Morals, ethics and community values are not being taught to our children in school as a major part of every day's curriculum from kindergarten through high school.

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