19 05, 2020

If Our Great Grandparents Were Here Today, They’d be SHAMING Our Irresponsible, Weak CONFORMITY

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"Our ancestors didn't build this great nation with such an infantile, germaphobic fear of ANY and ALL risk of the world around us! THEY WERE STRONGER THAN THAT, and that is what they would tell us now if they were here...they would tell you that YOU are stronger than this! They would be shaming us for our sheep-like conformity and subservience in response to such an unAmerican, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, CORRUPT CORPORATE MONOPOLY THREAT to 'The American Dream', and to equal access to free enterprise for the COMMON WORKING CLASS AMERICAN."

13 05, 2020

Time to Collectively Take Off Our ‘LEASHES’ and Put Them On the Elite 1% WHERE THEY BELONG!

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"WE THE PEOPLE as the 99%, we have forgotten that we have the power.The constitution guarantees it from the very first line 'We the People of the United States'...It doesn't say 'We the CORPORATIONS'. And it is time NOW, for us to rise up together, use that power, and TAKE OFF OUR LEASHES (or our cloth masks, a psychological leash) and instead PUT THOSE LEASHES ON THE 1% WHERE THEY HAVE ALWAYS BELONGED!...The 1% is behind all of this unnecessary panic and fear, created by their dutiful left wing media and politicians for an agenda of growing social control of our society... If we don't stand up soon to take back the American Dream, at a certain point it will become too late, and we will remain in an American Nightmare, hopelessly in servitude and dependence on these monopoly corporations, just as their predatory, "A.I." Big Tech agenda has intended all along. This is not the free market capitalism our forefathers intended for us...You know this deep in your heart."

8 12, 2016

Brief Quip From “Mad Money’s” Jim Kramer Sums Up Trump’s Danger

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"Our country's future depends on honorable Americans not tolerating this regressive, unethical and corrupt movement we are seeing. Our country's and our young people's healthy future here depends on your understanding right now that making money is GOOD, but ONLY if it is made morally and ethically...And that is NOT the legacy and foundation of the Trump name. On the contrary, we are seeing nothing but fellow like-minded BILLIONAIRES being appointed by Trump to his top cabinet positions, especially the one's dealing with the economy...There are so many corrupt areas encompassing the name and legacy of Donald Trump that it is hard to keep track of them all, both past and present. Honorable Americans cannot sit quietly and allow this unethical movement to go unchecked because of their claim that they are 'PRO-BUSINESS'."

6 03, 2016

Conservative Call for Less Corporate Regulation = Intellectual Dishonesty

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"Saying we need unregulated corporations in a free market capitalist system is akin to being trapped in a cave with a big lion on a very cold night and thinking, 'I will use my wooden spear for making a fire to keep us both warm…I don’t need to control the lion with the wooden spear… I can trust him to be a vegetarian…He will need the warm fire too. We will work together and survive the cold night.' (RIIIIIIIIIIGHT…Good luck with that!)"

3 11, 2015


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"Because EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT, meaning thought is the source of all creation... negative unloving thoughts have a consequence for those who think them...they will create major problems and negative outcomes in your experience here that we call 'LIFE'...People mistakenly love to say, 'You can't talk about religion and politics'...yet we MUST talk about those two topics no matter how controversial it may seem, because those two institutions have been corrupt bedfellows causing upside down wrong thinking for thousands of years in their shared interest of controlling the masses for their power and profit motives."

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