12 12, 2016

Trump’s Exxon Sec State Pick Cozy with Vladimir Putin

By |2016-12-12T06:39:43-08:00December 12th, 2016|Politics|0 Comments

"Today, the CIA just came out with a scathing report announcing that intelligence they have uncovered clearly indicates that our Presidential election was in fact hacked and manipulated to some degree by Russia, in order to achieve a Trump victory outcome...So you have this blockbuster news from the CIA, followed by President Obama today immediately ordering a full federal investigation into this allegation by the Central Intelligence Agency, followed by word getting out from Trump's 'circus camp' that he has asked a personal business partner of Vladimir Putin, Exxon's Rex Tillerson, to be SECRETARY OF STATE!...As honorable Americans, are we going to let this stand? Are we going to just say, "Well, the stock market is in a 'Trump rally' mode, so I don't care, it seems to be working for me...As long as I'm profiting off of this, what do I care?"

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