14 06, 2020

Calling for DISBANDING of the Police is not ‘WOKE’…It’s ‘WHACKED’!

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"This kind of stupidity and infantile ignorance on the far left is the worst enemy of Progressives who start off correctly understanding that there is a dire need for major change in our country, and for We the People to finally stand up together and take our country back from the corrupt, monopoly partnership between government and mega-corporations, but then they shoot themselves in the head, figuratively speaking, with such utter DUMB ASSERY!"

28 09, 2017

With Upcoming Sacramento Sheriff Election, Major Change Needed in Culture of Law Enforcement (Part 1)

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"It has never been more clear that NOW is the time to make some major organizational and philosophy changes from the top down in law enforcement here in our own community going forward...Those changes must begin with retraining those that want to be police officers and deputy sheriffs, that if you want to remain in this career, then your dutiful and respectful actions and demeanor will DAILY demonstrate that you understand the following axiom loud and clear: ALL Sacramento citizens are not just who you patrol...They ARE 'the police' and they have extended an honor to you to be their 'citizen ambassadors' in this career, on their behalf...The citizenry are who you WORK for. There is no more ‘blue line’. There is no more ‘us against them’ mentality."

11 07, 2016

We Should Keep the Flag at Half Staff Permanently

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...the media engages in predictable, greed-driven hypocrisy, only pretending to be sincerely concerned...Truth be told, the worse it continues to get, the better the ratings for them. Their sick, wall-to-wall coverage, hyping the 'grief porn' of the victims and their families, and giving the shooters the fame they were looking for only encourages many more to do the same for such "fame" and exposure to their "cause".

12 03, 2016

Ben Carson’s Trump Endorsement = “Character Suicide”

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"All I can think is that Dr. Carson is shamefully selling out to Trump and kissing his ring because he has been led to believe Trump is going to offer him a position in his administration...For Carson's sake, he better hope that position is not the "WHITE HOUSE ______." Sorry, even in proper context, I just can't bring myself to use that word...it is just too repulsive...so let's replace it with White House 'BUTLER'."

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