7 03, 2020

Showcasing the Lies of Our ‘POST TRUTH CULTURE’, and On the Mostly FAKE SUPPORT Toward Those Who Are TRANSGENDER

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"Through an amazing, albeit severely ironic and painful life experience for me, beginning in the destructive "faith" of evangelical Christianity as a child, I am forever thankful to have been 'SAVED FROM' that poisonous, unhealthy Bible-based habit falsely attributed to "God," and to have been guided in my steadfast and earnest meditations to find the source of real spiritual healing and happiness."

18 04, 2015

CNN’s Fahreed Zakaria: “There’s a Cancer Inside Islam”

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"It is time we stopped being weak, conformist sheep, and started being willing to OFFEND those who teach hate, bigotry and damnation "in the name of God", whether they be mainstream Christians teaching that man-made message which is rampant all throughout the Bible's scriptures, or whether they are mainstream Muslims teaching that man-made message found all throughout the Koran."

25 11, 2014

America: Overdosed on STUPID?

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"More importantly, how can we call ourselves 'progressive', especially you liberals who love to use that term to describe yourselves, and at the same time seek to profit from legalizing something so dangerous and unhealthy for young people?"

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