27 08, 2017

Being Transgender and Living by Example, You Need People to Have Your Back More Than Ever

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"It is very hard to write about things that happen to you like this, because when you do so, you are making yourself an even larger target...You make yourself very vulnerable to those who would twist the situation and seek to attack even more. But I wanted to write about it because I felt any such responses would stand on their own as perfect examples of the problem."

7 02, 2017


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"The solution to this worldwide problem is not this kind of "religious" division. As a matter of fact, as I often write about, it is time we begin to wake up to the only thing that is the path to healing all of this...We have to wake up to the hate and damage that is CAUSED BY ORGANIZED RELIGION...and caused by it on ALL sides: Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike.Do you read that as a Christian or a Jew and scoff at that truth? Then you are a very ignorant individual who is nothing but an active contributor to what is standing in the way of world peace."

30 01, 2017

Trump Supporters: Bigotry or Bad Judgment?

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"Do you remember racist Alabama Governor George Wallace? Saying Donald Trump is more honorable than Hillary is akin to those who, in the face of all the bigotry constantly spewing out of Wallace’s mouth, tried to spin it that Wallace was in fact the “patriotic American” because he was a POPULIST GOVERNOR standing up for the “voice of the people” and for “STATE’S RIGHTS” (dog whistle talk for maintaining popular Southern prejudice such as voting restrictions and segregation that discriminated against Blacks)…And that President Lyndon B. Johnson, who so effectively shut Wallace down, was the corrupt politician."

10 01, 2013

America’s Culture of Violence: Only One Solution (PART 2)

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Morals, ethics and community values are the ONLY THING that will solve our epidemic of violence in America today. Here is one of the most important points I want to make: Morals, ethics and community values are not being taught to our children in school as a major part of every day's curriculum from kindergarten through high school.

22 12, 2012

America’s Culture of Violence: Only One Solution (PART 1)

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Everywhere I look in the media I don’t see or hear an emphasis on the real solution. All I hear is ineffectual “feel good” rhetoric about having a national conversation about gun control, or a national conversation about the mentally ill, while we CONSTANTLY AVOID THE NATIONAL CONVERSATION ABOUT THE 800 POUND ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

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