19 05, 2019

Time for the Democratic Party to Do Some “Soul Searching” of Their Own

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"The 'SOUL' of this nation is NOT found on the 'abortion-on-demand celebrating', 'recreational drug legalizing' LEFT of Liberals, any more than it is found on the 'assault rifle celebrating', 'LGBT and Mexican immigrant hating', 'Trump evangelizing' RIGHT of Conservatives...Understand this...The 'SOUL' of this nation is found in the MORAL CENTER embraced by most Americans, the majority of whom are well aware that we have never experienced such a corrupt, racist, dishonest and criminal-minded individual as Donald Trump elected to the highest office of our land."

19 09, 2018


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"Both the immoral Trump supporters with their 'dog whistle' race baiting, looking the other way to all the obvious criminal corruption of Donald Trump and his dutiful treasonous partnership efforts with Vladimir Putin, along with their hate for Mexican and Muslim immigrants that inexcusably can be seen to widely appeal to a hypocritical Christian evangelical base...And the other side of the spectrum, as I mentioned above, with what can often be described as a bizarre 'conformity of celebration' around recreational drug use and abortion on demand by Liberals who think that 'freedom' and 'liberty' means advocating for the doing of anything and everything that just feels good, without teaching healthy values and responsibility to young people..."

31 03, 2017


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"If we celebrate freedom without responsibility...without community morals, not necessarily religious morals...then that freedom will not be there eventually. That is because freedom requires responsibility. For too long Democrats and Liberals have ignorantly and irresponsibly sent the message that you should do WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD, deep down knowing that if we are any kind of decent parent, we seek to teach our children the opposite."

2 05, 2016

Community Values & Good Character Becoming Casualties in America

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"If you know you don't want your kids to smoke...If you know you don't want your kids to drink irresponsibly to the point of getting drunk, if you know you wouldn't want your kids to use drugs for recreation, if you know you wouldn't want them to run around having sex for recreation with no understanding of the huge adult consequences and responsibility that comes with sex, THEN DON'T ADVOCATE OR DO THOSE THINGS YOURSELF, RIGHT??... DUH!! Those who read the above and don't get that huge "DUH!" are people with zero good character. And we have a growing pandemic of this in America today. It belies zero character because it is a CHOSEN DESIRE by them NOT TO CARE about that responsibility of setting the right example with the way one lives their life...a desire to selfishly and irresponsibly only care about doing what feels good with no regard for the real damaging and unhealthy consequences. This absolutely shortchanges young people who, just like you and I when we were young, always look to adults for their guidance on how they should behave."

19 02, 2016

Reality Show Drug Culture ‘TRUMPS’ Virtue in America

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"we have CLEARLY lost that critical virtuous foundation of integrity, and we are well on our way to becoming just like the American 'toilet bowl' of a society depicted in the Luke Wilson movie "IDIOCRACY". If you haven't seen Idiocracy, run don't walk to your local video store...VIDEO STORE, silly me! Your video store is now your local pot dispensary or 'happy ending massage parlor'...Sorry...I meant run don't walk to your NETFLIX account and stream it today. See how the writer of the movie's script was like some kind of amazing psychic, and how close we already are today to the sick, vulgar and 'dumbed down' toilet bowl of a culture depicted in the movie, in a country that showed so much promise once upon a time."

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