The shame and hypocrisy from so many Trump supporting Republicans, a toxic hypocrisy that we have begun holding accountable now by taking back the House of Representatives in the 2018 Mid Terms, is perfectly exemplified by how they suddenly FIND their moral outrage only after they LOSE or decide they would RETIRE before the obvious approaching wave crashed on top of them!

Check out this strong, very well stated rebuke of the ‘filth’ and ‘lack of principle’ of Donald Trump by Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Representative Ryan Costello – but ONLY AFTER he decided to retire, and then watched his district lose by 58% support of the Democratic candidate Chrissy Houlahan in the Mid Term election last night…

Costello tweeted: “To deal w harassment & filth spewed at GOP MOC’s (members of Congress) in tough seats every day for 2 yrs, bc of POTUS; to bite ur lip more times you’d care to; to disagree & separate from POTUS on principle & civility in ur campaign; to lose bc of POTUS & have him piss on u. Angers me to my core.
9:27 AM – Nov 7, 2018”

Costello tweeted the above, finally finding his moral backbone, in response to Trump’s recent tweet ‘shaming’ all the Republican candidates and incumbents who lost, blaming their losses entirely on their unwillingness to embrace him.

Of course, don’t lose sight of the larger shame here – The Trump supporting Republican voters…

If Trump is correct, and they lost because they were perceived by Republican voters as no longer embracing Trump, that means the greater shame, as I’ve said all along, is on the backs of those of you who have enabled and are continuing to enable this moral disgrace led and personified in a lifelong way by Donald Trump.

Yes, it is obvious that almost all of the Republicans in congress are shameful hypocrites, keeping their mouths shut in the face of all of this ‘filth’, ‘lack of principle’, disgraceful racism, fear-mongering, white tribal Nationalism and corruption we are witnessing daily from the Trump administration.

BUT, those Republican members of congress are only behaving in such a fashion because of who PUT THEM THERE. Can you blame a rattlesnake for being true to their nature if you BRING one into your house? You could try to blame them, but you really just need to get them the hell out of your house! Which is what we have begun doing now.

Republicans in Congress who have dutifully conformed to a ‘Stepford wife’ submissive role toward Trump, and who have become his accomplices looking the other way in the face of his unconscionable immoral behavior and constant lies, are simply being true to their own corrupt nature, as well as to the like-minded hypocritical Republican voters’ nature who PUT THEM THERE.

They see which way the toxic winds are blowing within the Republican Party.  Then, instead of doing the right thing and morally repudiating those toxic Trumpian winds, they are more than happy to JOIN the poisonous ‘Nationalist’ race baiting…They are more than happy to conform to the anti-Democratic, corrupt and pathologically dishonest nature of ALL of those winds for as long as they deem that it remains beneficial to their own ‘snake’ self- preservation.

And speaking of the pathological lying nature of what the toxic Republican Party has become today, don’t let anyone try to lie to you about these mid term results and say this was not a huge Democratic blue wave…As many of my readers know, I have consistently predicted for over a year now that we’d take the House back in big way in the 2018 Mid Terms, and that is exactly what Democrats did last night…

In a historic LANDSLIDE, Democrats took 29 seats to not just control, but dominate the House of Reps, with U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi now once again becoming the most powerful woman in the world. She will now return to the position of “Speaker of the House of Representatives” that she held once before in 2007. (And that’s nice because it means she has the ‘snake handling’ experience that we need right now.)

There’s no denying these ‘big wave’ results by the Democrats…And by the way, it was a wave contributed to by many Independents and defecting Republicans who never lost their moral compasses, and who are joining us in taking our country back from those who are the shame of the current Republican party.

So if you haven’t already, grab your boards and join the rest of us, because the SURF’S UP!

The good news is, this is just the ‘first wave’ with a powerful and larger group of ‘blue waves’ to follow, through and beyond 2020. These powerful waves of truth will continue to come with the help of Bob Mueller, along with many honorable Independents and Republicans JOINING US…

These ‘waves’ are the moral majority waves of our nation…And the message you heard yesterday with the Mid Terms loud and clear is that we refuse to tolerate the rest of you shamelessly perverting our nation’s most precious moral and democratic values.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at