Question: Is “Faith” always a beautiful, wonderful thing? The answer is no…Yet many are conditioned to believe otherwise, which keeps countless numbers of people blinded like sheep to the man-made bigotry their “faith” is based upon in the name of God.

Understand this: The end does NOT justify the means.

Faith CAN be the most beautiful source of healing, when approached properly in a healthy way with Spiritual Truth…It can also be the most dangerous source of unhealthy, destructive thinking when it is ‘weaponized’ with beliefs that teach that its 
‘believers’ are ‘saved’ and all other ‘unbelievers’ are worthy of eternal condemnation, etc.

“Faith” (Judaism, Christianity, Islam just to name the ‘Big 3’) has been the cause and the impetus of more wars, more violence, more slavery and more genocide than ANY other reason for the bulk of mankind’s history, and it is way past time for that to be exposed and stopped.

“Faith” has been monetized and profited from by government and religious institutions controlled by patriarchal teachings, seeking to control the world with their bigoted man-made dogma…

Think about the fundamental teaching that each of the Big 3 religions have embodied at their core…The teaching that “God” is a vengeful entity, separate from what we are, and that needs a ‘blood lust’ to be satisfied throughout history, or ‘HE’ will condemn us all to the eternal fires of Hell…It’s not enough that we just be punished by ending our consciousness with oblivion…

No this man-made ‘God’ had to be more scary than that to control the masses – This ‘God’ of Judaism, Christianity and Islam so badly needs that ‘blood lust’ of animal sacrifice, and later even HUMAN sacrifice with the false teaching of the crucifixion of Jesus, that if not satisfied, God needs to torture you for eternity… Oh, but He’s a God of unconditional love.

Enough with these sick lies that religious institutions are teaching to their children, whether it be the Catholic church, the Assemblies of God, The Baptists, the Presbyterians, The Jewish Synagogue that loves to celebrate such a sick depiction of God with the Passover, or the Islamic Mosque that teaches similar beliefs…They are lies masquerading as ‘spiritual faith’, and we are now exposing them in the interest of waking mankind up to real spiritual truth and healing.

“Faith” is a beautiful thing when it has at its fundamental core the understanding that we (ALL OF US) are NOT SEPARATE and never have been separate from what “God” is…When it has at its fundamental core the understanding that “love” and “forgiveness” by definition CANNOT CONDEMN, period.

If your belief is based on a book like the Bible or the Koran that is full of scriptures teaching and endorsing the opposite, you are engaging in a man-made, destructive faith that has been ‘weaponized’. As such, you are part of a destructive form of thinking that is the problem that has been impeding real and lasting unity, healing and peace for mankind to this day.

If you are ready to change that, you have to stop conforming to it and LEAVE it. At a minimum, you have to have the ounce of moral courage to speak out against that false teaching of God, despite the fact that your family has taught it to you since you were little. That is where real healing begins. I have discovered this firsthand in my life.

I like to explain it like this: The healing your were meant to have is always blocked with ‘wrong thinking’, because the real ‘secret’ is that THOUGHT is all that we are, and thought creates all that is. As such, when we are conditioned by fraudulent ‘faith’ to think in the wrong way, we create in unhealthy ways in our lives. But when we ‘wake up’ and learn to think in the right way, immediately things begin to change, and healing begins to be created with that ‘right thinking’.

The so-called ‘secret’ that many of you may have heard made famous by the popular book of the same name is also a fraud. It is simply telling people a fraudulent message that they want to hear, that you can create with your thoughts all the material wealth, fame and fortune that you desire. That is not ‘spiritual truth’. And that is not what I meant above as I described the truth that ‘thought is all there is’.

The real ‘secret’ that is taught from Divine spiritual truth is not that you can have anything you want…It is that you were meant to have everything that you NEED! But this unhealthy material world conditions us with unhealthy thinking about what we think we need, and blocks the healing and happiness we truly need. The key is trusting in your self that is at the highest spiritual level of your being beyond this unhealthy material-obsessed existence, and daily seeking and asking for guidance from your higher self for all that you NEED, according to all that is HIGHEST WISDOM for you.

The real ‘secret’ is that what is Highest Wisdom for you IS TRULY EVERYTHING YOU WANT! And we have to learn to ask and trust to be shown what that is.

That and only that is the beginning of ‘right thinking’. When you learn to sincerely ask and trust to be shown what that is, you better put on your seat belt, because big changes will begin to take place in your life, bringing miracles and necessary ‘correction’ from your Higher Self that are not based on the false values of this material-obsessed world that have so conditioned us otherwise. THIS is the real ‘secret’…THIS is where true happiness is found, and it has nothing to do with selfish material gain and ‘intentionality’ taught by the false message of the popular book known as ‘The Secret’.

I’m starting a spiritual truth fellowship here in Sacramento called “The United Earth Fellowship” that will meet at least twice a month and will focus on the healthy faith of spiritual truth that brings healing, not division in the name of God.

If you have been feeling like something is completely missing in your life after a history of being exposed to the teachings of organized religion described above, you are absolutely correct. That is your ‘Higher Self’ trying to tell you something, and that is why you were guided to find this article today.

If you’d like to join this fellowship I am starting in Sacramento, you can contact me at…Or you can search for the new meetup group I created on by searching “Theosophical Society” and “Sacramento Chapter”.

Connie Bryan

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