In this powerful SPECIAL REPORT for her recent series ‘LIES OF CONTROL’, Connie reveals Elon Musk’s disturbing vision for artificial intelligence, in his own words in a rare moment of candor, recently admitting that vision to be a ‘collective group mind’…Connie also reveals the dark underbelly of Musk’s very disturbing activities and agenda behind his admitted transhumanist corporation named ‘NEURALINK’, with his actual stated goal to ‘MERGE HUMANS WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”…Connie shares the shocking recent November 2023 Bloomberg News story revealing that at least 12 monkeys that we know of have died after being used in Elon Musk’s Neuralink lab experiments involving embedding A.I. ‘chips’ into their skulls and brains. Finally, Connie reveals Musk in his own words, recently admitting that he in fact is making significant progress toward turning Twitter/’X’ into a financial SUPER APP (similar to China’s tyrannical ‘everything App’ known as ‘WeChat’) This is the REAL ‘MUST SEE TV’. Please share this content as much as possible to help us get around the shadow banning algorithms of social media that seek to hold this information back from the general public.