It should enrage voters, especially democrats, that the chief democratic negotiator of this ‘bail out bribe’ (it’s more a bribe than a bill) in the House of Reps, Dem. U.S. Representative Barney Frank, still doesn’t get it. He was quoted Wednesday saying, “Reality has hit some members…It’s not possible now to scoff at predictions of gloom if we don’t do anything.”

First of all, all this ‘the sky is falling’ fear-mongering is chapter one of the Bush 101 playbook, and they are using that for all it is worth to make us think we have to give them a Trillion bucks to cover their corrupt losses. Second of all, you ARE doing something, REPRESENTATIVE FRANK, when you LISTEN to the American people! The American people see all this for what it is, that much of our government has become corrupt ‘trading partners’ with Wall Street. The Senate has shown that it is synonymous with Wall Street. This second vote was a defining moment for America. Would the House of Representatives ‘represent’ Main Street or Wall Street? The bribe passed and The House chose also to represent Wall Street, ignoring the loud and angry protests of American citizens.

The passing of this bill by Congress isn’ t just a bad move…it is an abomination. It is nothing short of theft from the American people.  As George Noory from Coast to Coast Overnight put it, “It is a crime of Biblical proportions against the American people.” It is a huge lie that ANYTHING about this bill is in the interest of Main Street. The exception being a sneaky trick of adding the appealing, totally unrelated issue of requiring health insurance companies to cover mental illness at parity with physical illness. We need this, and ‘they’ know we need this… so they include this ‘bone’ (an issue bribe as oppossed to monetary) if the House will approve their TRILLION dollar bail out.

This bail out ‘version 2.0’ is 100 Billion dollars MORE than the version 1.0 (I thought versions were supposed to get better, not astronomically worse!). It’s shamefully crammed with pork barrel spending and earmarks that serve the elite wealthy and not Main Street hardworking Americans who need any additional amount like that to go directly to them in some fashion. There were so many pork barrel bribes added to this ‘rescue package’, like $200,000 included for a company that makes ‘wooden arrows’ for children’s toy bow and arrows (some CEO buddy of a congressman must have lost a couple hundred grand on a bad investment!) And if that isn’t bad enough… You won’t believe this:  This new version even EXTENDS the tax cuts for the rich that were set to expire!! It is not a ‘rescue package’… IT IS NOT AT ALL ABOUT RESCUING MAIN STREET.

Before the vote, I made calls to Representatives in California making it clear that they must vote down this bribe, or do otherwise at their career peril. I was told they are being overwhelmed with our phone calls.  That was music to my ears I have to say. Do you think most of the calls, or even a significant number of them were telling the Representatives to vote in favor of this bail out? No. This hopefully will serve as a watershed moment for many, making it clear that we have lost control of our government. Wall Street is pulling the strings, not We the People as our forefathers intended.

But I sense there is a mighty revolution brewing, and this corrupt bail out bribe is waking up a lot of Americans who are deciding they aren’t going to hit the snooze alarm anymore. When you wake up and realize you are in a hole, what is the LAST thing you want to do? Keep digging deeper. Yet, with the passing of this bribe, that is exactly what is happening.  And the sick irony is that Congress is making Main Street do all the paying AND all the digging!! That’s not right, LOL! And it won’t even BEGIN to solve the crisis we are in.

The only way to begin to solve the crisis we are in is to stop this corruption between our government and Wall Street. It’s OK if things get more difficult for a while! The expression ‘No Pain, No Gain’ perfectly applies here. We have a very sick, METH-HEAD economic model in America that can only be saved through a forced rehab. And rehab is worth the pain we will experience recovering. The danger, especially now with the passing of this bill, is our ‘BREAKING BAD’ meth economy may at some point in the short term move beyond the ability to rehabilitate.