Even if you have only heard a sermon in church on Easter Sunday or Christmas Eve, most likely you have heard a preacher say some version of the following: Nobody, not a single soul, deserves forgiveness, it is the “grace of Christ”, etc.

Even a recent episode of AMC’s “Hell On Wheels” had the railroad’s town preacher saying the same to one of the main heroes of the show. The character is intoxicated, dealing with very bad memories, and the preacher drops the sadly common Bible lie on him, “No one DESERVES forgiveness, that is the beauty of grace”.

In the character’s weak moment of guilt and turmoil, the preacher wanted to reinforce the erroneous thought that he was by nature horrid and evil just as he worried maybe he was, because of mistakes he had made in the past. 

But the exact opposite is true. Everyone deserves forgiveness and love… Everyone, no matter what religion, no matter whether they are an atheist or agnostic, no matter what sexual orientation. The diversity of ethnicity, culture, thought and belief…all that diversity REFLECTS DIVINITY. Diversity EQUALS Divinity. That is to say that diversity of life by definition is what “God” is.

And all of us, irrespective of our religious beliefs conjured up by men, every last one of us is by nature completely worthy of forgiveness as a part of what God is. To teach otherwise is a shameful lie that seeks to control using fear based teachings of condemnation as a consequence. 

But if organized religion’s man-made authors hadn’t exploited that cornerstone lie that you are sinful by nature, they wouldn’t have been able to control the masses by making them think they were going to “Hell on Wheels” at a lightening clip WITHOUT ONLY what they offered, which of course included a demand by the church for lifelong monetary donations which they masterfully coined as a ‘tithe’, rather than what it really is to this day, an institutionalized “CON” or form of religious extortion. In order to succeed with such a con, they had to make you feel horrible about yourself, destroy your individual self esteem, reinforce depression and fears of personal failure…interestingly enough just like every sick cult operates that we periodically hear about.

Christianity’s fundamental teaching is that you are a bad person, and cannot be a good person, because you are evil by nature, and your only hope is to accept that and convert to their beliefs which again involves a major expectation of monetary obligation. It is easy to lose sight of that fact. However, if you knew the truth, you’d be HAPPY and content, realizing you are a holy part of what God is, and could never be separate or condemned.

Just like in this scene on AMC’s “Hell on Wheels” where the show’s leading character is feeling extremely vulnerable reflecting on his mistakes and trying to escape into the bottle, the preacher uses that tried and proven Christian lie like preachers do to this day, PREYING on the opportunity to reinforce his fear and depression, and to tell him he is so bad and evil he isn’t even worthy of forgiveness…that forgiveness or ‘salvation’ is ONLY available for a select group by God, which the church likes to call “grace” rather than what it really is, their imaginary ‘private club benefit’. 

For over two thousand years, organized religion – mainly the Bible and the Koran – have brainwashed humanity to think of themselves as horribly bad by nature. Is it any wonder that with such conditioning, we would then consequently act badly more and more. After all, the religious powers that be are telling us we can’t be good by nature. If you are constantly taught you are bad by nature, wouldn’t you tend to act that way? 

But apart from any belief in being ‘born again’ etc,  I would like you to take a second to look inside yourself right now, and if you are honest with yourself, you will NOT see a filthy soul that is not worthy of forgiveness. What I mean is, if you think about your character, and if you are honest with yourself, you may recall mistakes, but you will see a character that by nature doesn’t want to harm anyone. If you are honest with yourself, you will look inside yourself and see a character that wants to treat others as you want to be treated. That is the definition of love.

If you have guilt about things, that is just because you are a good person who knows certain things were a mistake. The guilt is almost always indicating that you LEARNED from the mistake and that is part of the answer to the question of ‘why are we here’. We are here because we are part of what God is…we are co-creators as a part of the Divine.

Do you realize we are joined in the process of creating all that we see? As such, part of why we are here is to learn and improve in the process. That can’t happen without making mistakes and having episodes of bad judgment, etc. That DOES NOT mean, as the Catholic church or the Christian community would have you believe, that you are bad and sinful by nature and not worthy of forgiveness.

That is nothing but a shameful effort to capitalize on your fears that can’t help but come and go from time to time. It is nothing but a lie propagated by the church, initiated by men thousands of years ago seeking to exploit and control society with such sick religious teachings that continue to this day. Ironically, this is standing in the WAY of our progress toward harmony and peace on this planet. It is causing division and hate instead of unity and love.

True spiritual awareness sees this lie for the ignorance that it is, and exposes it for all to see. True spiritual awareness knows that ALL MANKIND deserves forgiveness, because all mankind is a holy PART of what is Divine, and therefore cannot be ‘evil’ or ‘sinful’ by nature. The bad or ‘sinful’ behavior committed by mankind is not a result of our soul’s true nature…ironically it is a result of having been intentionally LED ASTRAY by the church from the truth of our true nature. The truth is your nature is holy and good. As a part of what God is, HOW COULD YOUR NATURE BE OTHERWISE?

True spiritual awareness knows that anything perceived as ‘bad’ or ‘sinful’ is just behavior done out of ignorance, and that forgiveness is just the tool we all need to use to remind ourselves of our holy Divine nature that has been hidden from us for thousands of years by this lie of organized religion to keep you in fear of condemnation.

But stop and realize one other thing, to help this sink in. Love CANNOT condemn. Unconditional love NEVER condemns. Forgiveness, for that matter, CANNOT condemn. Forgiveness isn’t selective, only giving it to a select group who believe a certain way. 

So the church teaching that God is about unconditional love, and then turns around all over the Bible showing God to be about vengeance and damnation/condemnation…that is in absolute direct contradiction. And it furthers the lie that the church promotes like wildfire, that no one deserves forgiveness.

Stop and reflect on who you are…Look at yourself, not in a mirror, but close your eyes and think about you, deep at your nature, and apart from any religious dogma about how at some point you were ‘saved’…I’m talking even before that, you will quickly recognize you are and always have been a very holy beautiful soul that is not ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ by nature.

And the real “GOSPEL”…the real “GOOD NEWS” is this: EVERYONE is worthy of forgiveness, which is the tool that helps them find that truth about themselves if they have made mistakes and been led astray in the difficult world made only more confusing by the lies of organized religion.

“Hell on Wheels”?…Organized religion created “Hell” as the primary ingredient in their agenda to control the masses. Ironically, as a part of what God is, it is up to US to create “HEAVEN ON WHEELS” – peace on earth, here and now.