It came to me a while back in the course of my meditations, the best metaphor to explain to people the answer to that question they often reflect on: “What am I?”

The short answer of course, as I’ve written about often before, is you are PART of what “God” is…You, that consciousness within your body, is part of the Divine Spirit of all Creation. You planned and were part of creating this “You” in this earthly dimension as a learning experience and an adventure that you wanted.

The best metaphor for understanding what that ‘body’ is that you inhabit, that you often make the mistake of identifying as ALL that you are, is to understand your body as being like a
vehicle – specifically, just like a HYBRID ELECTRIC CAR – that the real you, that eternal spirit within your body, is temporarily ‘driving/operating’…

Again, your ‘body’ is not what you are, but a temporary TOOL here in the physical…It is a vehicle that you are operating to navigate and move around in the physical (Hopefully you are doing so in a sober, drug-free, responsible fashion, and have at least a ‘learners permit’? haha)

The analogy of a ‘hybrid/electric’ car is perfect, because like a hybrid/electric car, your body has a rechargeable battery, meaning it recharges and can run somewhat on electricity, however it also definitely needs food and sleep for its refueling needs.

The real you – your self beyond your body – is eternally self sufficient. And yes, it does have some ability to recharge your body, but not enough by itself. When your eternal mind of your spirit is not blinded and muted by the lies of organized religion, it begins to find and discover the ability to heal and rejuvenate your body in powerful ways, with its power of thought creation that created and brought you here into this physical body in the FIRST place…

But that healing ability of your eternal spirit is ENTIRELY CONTINGENT on the body’s need to be maintained with healthy sustenance, and not to be polluted with things like cigarettes, drugs or alcohol abuse, etc.

Another harder piece of wisdom that is difficult at first to wrap your head around, is that just like when you decide you are done with your car and trade it in or sell it, WE DECIDE when we are ready to give up our bodies, and possibly ‘trade up’ (or down as is the case with some who have some karma to work out, lol.)

Organized religion is so polluted with man-made lies, especially in Judeo-Christianity and Islam, that it demands that you have to be buried and not cremated, so that the body, being defined as what you are, can be raised from the grave and brought back to life – BUT only those who were members of the right belief – and all others deserve to not just be ‘non-existent’, but God would want them to be tortured in Hell fire forever and ever.

If you stop and think about that…I mean really ponder that, it is so sick on so many levels…So incredibly bigoted and hateful toward your fellow man, who naturally has very culturally diverse ideas about how to approach Divine understanding.

A loving, all powerful God would not have an ego that needs to be ‘worshiped’ with the result of those who don’t worship them perfectly as being the need to cast them into eternal torment. What happened to the concept of love being synonymous with forgiveness?

So on its face, that is obviously a man-made construct, just as the image of God portrayed by Judeo-Christianity and Islam as being only MALE is also entirely a man-made falsity. If “God” created male and female in “God’s” image, then God is not “male”, God is a hermaphrodite, to put it bluntly. God is BOTH male and female…

Now FOLLOW ME HERE…Therefore, it is beyond sick the way that organized religion has diminished women as second class citizens, described in the Judeo-Christian creation story in Genesis, entirely as an AFTERTHOUGHT by their male image of God, for the sole purpose of being a ‘help mate’ to serve Adam in the Garden of Eden.

And this fraudulent man-made teaching followed by countless similar scriptures to reinforce the subjugation of women, found all throughout both the Old and New Testaments and the Koran.

Additionally, a loving God doesn’t have a monstrous ‘blood lust’ that needs to be satisfied with animal sacrifices for the sins of mankind, as was written by the Jews all throughout the Old Testament. An all powerful and loving God would not need a human being like Jesus, not to mention many other so-called Jewish, Christian and/or Islamic martyrs, to shed their blood for “HIM”…

Of course I am referring specifically the whole ‘becoming a person and then being a human sacrifice, shedding human blood for the entire sole purpose of satisfying this ‘blood lust’ that “God” supposedly has, that could no longer be satisfied with animals.

All of this is obvious fraudulent man-made teaching. And it is primarily what IMPEDES many people’s understanding of their true nature. You are not a ‘sinner’… that is another very harmful lie of Judeo-Christianity and Islam…You are a Holy PART of what is Divine.

Do you make mistakes? OF COURSE, and that is expected. we will learn quickly from mistakes and try not to make them again. Some people make worse mistakes than others, and yes there are consequences for mistakes, the severity of which depends on the nature of the mistake, but those consequences still allow for eventual forgiveness when the lesson is finally learned, and not eternal damnation.

Some people take much longer to learn from their mistakes than they should, often because, ironically, organized religion has taught them from a child that they are naturally ‘bad’ and ‘sinful’…

So guess what? They are conditioned to believe that, and therefore they act that way until such time as they finally either read something like this and have their eyes opened, or some new friend comes into their life to teach them these truths, or some life experience either in this life or the next forces them to learn the lessons they must learn to ‘wake up’ to their true Divine nature.

The Bible and Koran are so harmful in their divisive, bigoted teachings. There is a facade of ‘love and peace’ in the name of Jesus…but that is just a popular misnomer…That ‘love and peace’ is entirely CONDITIONAL, not UNCONDITIONAL love.

All throughout the New Testament, Jesus and the writings attributed to his disciples don’t just talk about their condemnation of all other beliefs in God, but they proudly celebrate it. For but one of MANY examples, read Matthew 10:34, where Jesus goes out of his way to burst that bubble…

In that passage, Jesus himself is quoted setting the record straight that he did NOT come to bring peace, but on the contrary, he came to bring a ‘sword’…That is a proud statement that he came to cause division and war in the name of “God”.

Understand this…That is not the ‘word of God’…that is the word of men trying to paint God in their sick, tribal, warmongering image.

Such widespread and commonly found ‘scriptures’ in both the Bible and the Koran are clearly nothing but a fraudulent man-made teaching, masquerading as “God’s word”. And this is the biggest thing that stands in the way of uniting us as brothers and sisters…a human family that needs the healing hands of each other…not divisive religious beliefs that separate us.

As the beautiful expression goes, we are all in this together. God did not come as a human to bring a ‘sword’. That is all a lie. If you embrace such an ugly teaching, you might as well be a member of the Ku Klux Klan, because that is such religious bigotry toward the diversity of your fellow man.

We are what “God” is in ALL of our cultural and spiritual diversity…You are here in this ‘vehicle’ of a physical body for one primary purpose, and that is to seek to be the physical loving, healing “HANDS OF GOD” for the diversity of your fellow spirits who are a struggling PART of you, here on our current physical home we share together called Earth.

So let’s stop this ugliness about being “NATIONALISTS”, or being a so-called “Christian nation” or a so-called “Muslim Nation”, etc… and start the healing, love and peace making of being “EARTH-ISTS”.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at